Time Goes By

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On our walk last night, Erica said to me that this year sure does seem to be going fast. I told her that as you get older, time seems to go much faster. I have a theory that this time crunch goes on for about a 40 to 50 year period until you reach retirement. It would seem to me that time would then slow down again.

I guess that all time is relative to where you are in life. I remember in my childhood time was seemingly at a stand still. I couldn't wait to move on to the next grade. By the time college came around, things were moving quicker. Now that the days seem to mirror each other, the time has moved to a fast pace indeed. I can only imagine that adding children into the mix would increase that even more.

The change of the seasons and the upcoming holidays adds an increased element of speed. It's hard to believe that the State Fair of Texas is opening next weekend. For most Texans in this area, this event seems to mark the official start of Autumn more so that any notation on a calendar. The weather should continue to be nice for the next 10 days or so.

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