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Hooray for Friday!

Today frozen yogurt cones will be $1.79 all day!
The online special for today is on our Gummi Fruit Salad instead of $10.99, it will be $6.99. You can purchase the Gummi Fruit Salad here

Specials for Thursday

Today our cake loaves instead of being $19.99 will be $14.99 in store today!

The online special is on our Jordan Almonds today. They will be $7.99 today for 3/4 of pound instead of $13.85. You can purchase Jordan Almonds here

Walden Farms Wednesday

Today our Walden Farms are Buy 5 at regular price Get the 6th for $0.99!

The online special today is on Walden Farms Tomato & Basil sauce. It is regularly $4.99,  but today it is $2.29. You can purchase the sauce here

Tuesday Specials!

Today our freezer bagels are Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

The online special today is on our PBthins 100 calorie packs. They are regularly $1.29 a bag, but today you can get them for $0.50 a bag! You can purchase the PBthins here.

Monday Specials

Today from 6PM-7PM our yogurt will be Buy One Get One Free! Limit 1 No XL. 

The online special today is on our Walden Farms Thousand Island dressing to go packets. Instead of $4.99 they will be $1.99 today. You can purchase the Thousand Island dressing packs here.

Specials for Saturday

The in store special today is on our brittles. They are regularly $8.99, but today they will be $6.99. Limit 3.

The online special today is on our Fiber Gourmet Light Penne pasta. No price lower anywhere than Sugarless deLite! It will be $1.99 today instead of the regular $4.99. You can purchase the pasta here.

Finally it's Friday!

The DaVinci Syrups which are regularly $12.99 will be $9.99 all day today at the store. They come in a wide variety of flavors. You can use them to flavor coffees, mixed drinks, snowcones, and more!

The online special today is on our Fiber Gourmet half calorie crackers. These are great tasting, low carb, and low calorie cracker in a 70 calorie packet. Fiber Gourmet was also featured on the Dr. Oz show. You can purchase these crackers here.

Parfait Day

Today our parfaits are buy 1 at $3.99 get the 2nd for $2.99. Limit 4.

Gimbals Black Licorice Gummi Discs are our online special today. Gimbals makes the best Licorice . These are their chews that are moist, sugar free ,wheat free and gluten free. You can get one pound today for $8.99. You can purchase the licorice here.

Hump Day Specials!

Today our in store special is on our yogurt cones. All day today they will be $1.79!

The online special today is on our low carb La Tiara taco shells! They will be $3.99 today instead of $5.49. You can purchase them here.