28 February 2009

Saturday -A Little Chilly

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Pecan Pie Special- Pecan Pies $16.99 (regularly 19.99)Limit 2

It is a little chilly today. Our pecan pies are on sale. How about picking up a pecan pie for a nice dessert later on with a cup of coffee. Oh and don't make it a regular cup-spice it up with some hazelnut, english toffee, or kaluha flavoring with one of our Da Vinci Syrups.

Today in History- Reported in the Dallas Morning News- George W. Bush who on this day assured a White House News Conference that the country was not recession bound.Ooops!

1759 Pope Clement XIII allows Bible to be translated into various languages
1778 Rhode Island General Assembly authorizes enlistment of slaves
1784 John Wesley charters Methodist Church
1849 The Gold Rush began regular steamship service to San Francisco
1933 James Watson and Francis Crick announce discovery of double helix DNA
1993 Gun battle in Waco at the Branch Davidians compound begins a 51 day standoff.

. Watson and Crick made the most significant discovery in the life sciences. It has allowed great strides in all fields of medicine, especially identification of gene markers.

1901 Linus Pauling, chemist/peace worker (Nobel 1954, 1962)
1906 Bugsy Siegel, gangster created casinos in Las Vegas
1928 Smokey The Bear

Smoky the Bear was the most beloved icon of my youth.Some of it probably was because I also confused him with Yogi Bear and Jellystone Park. At least I thought Yogi was conscientious enough to protect the forests. I was rather shocked at age 7 to discover they were not the same bear. It was ok, after all- a bear in the hand is not better than two in the bush. Huh? I never understood those petite fours or is that metaphors?

26 February 2009

Friday-27th -Last Friday in February.

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Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, German Chocolate, Butterscotch, Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

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Today in History
1827 1st Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans
1844 Dominican Republic gains independence from Haiti (National Day)
1869 John Menard is 1st black to make a speech in Congress
1925 Hitler's resurrects NSDAP political party in Munich
1933 Nazis set fire to German parliament, blame it on Communists
1942 1st transport of French Jews to nazi-Germany
1957 Mao's speech "On Correct Handling of Contradictions Among People"
1962 South-Vietnam pres Ngo Dinh Diem's palace bombed, 1st US killed

OK, it is the 3rd day of lent, but you can always remember what a good time you had on Fat Tuesday.

This seems to be the month of “fascism par excellence” from hitler’s arrest and ressurection of his thugs, mussolini’s rise, and mao’s speech on “wholesale torture of those who dare to think”.Check out mao's adjustment methods-guns and tanks. Silencing a person does not convert them.The silver lining is that on this day the Domincan Republic celebrated its independence.

We Americans are a lucky lot when it comes to civil liberties and freedom of thought, religion, and the right to free speech.It is our duty to speak up when we know something is wrong, it is our duty to vote, to conserve our resources, and to be nice and respectful of each other's right to think and feel differently than we do.

All of us have the responsibility to do no harm to another person and to give each other dignity simply because we are all human beings. Someone had a dream about that. Oh yeah, Martin Luther King. As this month is coming to an end, let's not forget Dr. King's dream. Let peace begin with each of us and let us judge each other by the content of our character, not the color of our skin, gender, religion, or race.

1923 Dexter Gordon, US, tenor saxophonist/actor (Connection)
1930 Joanne Woodward, Thomasville Ga, actress (3 Faces of Eve, Rachel)
980 Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Clinton (1993-2001)

Dexter Gordon was an incredible jazz saxophone player.One of his greatest hits " Our man in Paris". He was one of the greats of the Blue Note recording label.

It's funny but I have something in common with both Joanne Woodward and Chelsea Clinton. Joanne and I both married great men and Chelsea graduated from Stanford and I really wanted to go there. I know,close- but no....I won't go there.

25 February 2009

If It's Thursday, It Must be Bagels....

Today's Yogurt Flavors
Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, German Chocolate, Butterscotch, Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

Bagel shipments come every Thursday.

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Today in History- February 26th

1616 Spanish Inquisition delivers injunction to Galileo
1924 Trial against Hitler in Munich begins
1930 1st red & green traffic lights installed (Manhattan NYC)

According to Adam Smith, the great economist, Education should be the ability to discriminate between the trash and the treasures. On this day history, Spain in 1616 and Germany in 1924 both missed the mark.
Spain-during the inquisition, delivers an injunction against Galileo- all because of his endorsement of the Copernican view that the sun is the center of universe and the earth makes an annual rotation around it. This radical thought threatened the church. The crime-apparently-any of form of thinking, was against the law. The next thing you know they might say that pollution is causing acid rain, global warming, and a hole in the ozone.

Germany's second big mistake.This incident is generally known as the Beer Hall Putsch.The trial of hitler began on February 26, 1924 and along with rudolf hess
(another "great German citizen") was sentenced to five years in Festungshaft (literally fortress confinement) for treason. Festungshaft was a type of jail that excluded forced labor, featured reasonably comfortable cells, and allowed the prisoner to receive visitors almost daily for many hours. It was the customary sentence for people whom the judge believed to have had "honorable" but misguided motives.He only served 8 months(Wikipedia).

1802 Victor Hugo, France, author (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables)
1852 John Harvey Kellogg, surgeon, inspired flaked cereal industry
1920 Tony Randall, [Leonard Rosenberg], Tulsa Ok, actor (Felix-Odd Couple)
1925 James Moody, US, jazz saxophonist/orchestra leader
1928 Antione "Fats" Domino, NO LA, rhythm & blues pianist (Blueberry Hill)

Wednesday-Come Shake up your Mid week -It's Shake Day

Today's Yogurt Flavors
Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butter Brickle,Pistachio, Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

Today in History

February 25, 2009
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1791 1st Bank of US chartered
1793 1st cabinet meeting (At George Washington's home)
1859 1st use of "insanity plea" to prove innocence
1862 Paper currency (greenbacks) introduced in US by Pres Abraham Lincoln
1910 Dali Lama flees Tibet from Chinese troop to British-Indies
1919 League of Nations set up by Paris Treaty
1932 Immigrant Adolf Hitler gets German citizenship

This was Germany's first big mistake-letting hitler in the country. The picture is actually Charlie Chaplin dressed as hitler. He wrote and starred in his own movie "The Great Dictator" where he created a parody that was radically anti-hitler and anti-fascist.There was great controversy when this picture was released because the United States was still at peace with Germany.This was his first true talking picture. There is a great scene of foreshadowing when Chaplin performs a ballet dance dressed as hitler tossing a balloon that is fashioned as the world. At the end the globe pops and falls shriveled to the ground. It was a brilliant performance. Unfortunately his movie came to pass in real life.Some of us paid the consequence of losing most of our ancestry in that colossal tragedy.No, I did not capitalize his name. I refuse to acknowledge him as a human being.
1901 [Herbert] Zeppo Marx, NYC, comedian/actor (Marx Brothers)
1928 Larry Gelbart, writer/producer/actor (Oh God!, M*A*S*H)

These are all some of the greatest writers and producers of comedy and poignancy that has ever graced our presence in entertainment. I am still trying to figure out if I could be related to the Marx brothers or Karl. I am hoping for the former.

24 February 2009

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Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butter Brickle,Pistachio, Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

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After all, George Washington is known for chopping down the cherry tree. Well, he chopped down a few extra. Take advantage of this special on cherry cordial tins.

Today in History
1998 Elton John knighted

1836 Winslow Homer, US, painter (Gulfstream)
1885 Chester Nimitz, US admiral (commanded Pacific fleet in WW II)
1955 Steven Jobs, co-founder (Apple Computer)
1956 Paula Zahn, Napperville Ill, news anchor (ABC, CBS This Morning)

22 February 2009

And the Winners are...... Sugarfree and Great Taste

Today's Yogurt Flavors
Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butter Brickle,Pistachio, Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

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Yeah, I cannot compete with Kate Winslet, Ann Hathaway,or Angelina Jolie. But I can enjoy great desserts, bagels, and compete against the fat and sugar-ladened versions and still have great taste without all that bad stuff. Come check out the difference.

Today in History
1836 Alamo besieged by Santa Anna; entire garrison eventually killed
1896 Tootsie Roll introduced by Leo Hirshfield
1904 US acquired control of the Panama Canal Zone for $10 milli
1919 Fascist Party forms in Italy by Benito Mussolini
1934 Casey Stengel becomes manager of Brooklyn Dodgers

1940 Peter Fonda, actor (Easy Rider, Lilith, Wild Angels, Trip)

21 February 2009

Peanut Butter and Jelly? Why Not!

Today's Yogurt Flavors
Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butter Brickle,Pistachio, Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

Today’s Specials-PB2 Day (regularly $7.99) Limit 4

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches? Why not? PB2 cuts 85% of the fat from regular peanut butter and it is made up of ...well..peanuts. What's missing? The oil where most of the fat resides. So, why not have your peanut butter and jelly. We have some of the best No sugar added Fruit Spreads around.They are shipped all the way from Italy,Petosky Michigan.You get the idea. These are premium fruit butters and spread. We have everything from fig, marmalade,strawberry,plum, chestnut, blackcurrant They really enhance that peanut butter flavor. So, what are you waiting for? PB2 is on sale today!

Today in History
1855 Alice Freeman Palmer, educator (Hall of Fame)
1782 US congress resolves establishment of a US mint
1792 Congress passes Pres Succession Act
1885 Washington Monument dedicated (Wash DC)
1915 World's Fair in SF opens
1922 Great Britain grants Egypt independence
1931 Alka Seltzer introduced
1943 Dutch RC bishops protest against persecution of Jews
1975 John Mitchell, HR Haldeman & John D Ehrlichman sentenced to 2-8 yrs
1995 RAF-pilot Jo Salter is 1st woman to fly in a tornado

Plop Plop..Fizz..Fizz..Oh what a relief it is! It is hard to believe that if you grew up in 50s and early 60s that heartburn and gas commercials could be nostalgic. Not that I would know anything about this, but... anyway. These were the days before "the purple pill". Alka Seltzer was the relief of a lot of ailments from over-eating to the aches and pains of colds and upset stomachs.Interesting to note, Alka Seltzer contains aspirin which is not the best things for your tummy....burp... now I feel better.

1946 Tyne Daly, Madison Wisc, actress (Cagney & Lacey, Angel Unchained)

20 February 2009

Famous Day for Artists and Congressman to be Born

Today's Yogurt Flavors
Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butter Brickle,Pistachio, Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

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1792 US postal service created
1861 Dept of Navy of Confederacy forms
1864 Civil War battle of Olustee, Florida
1869 Tenn Gov W C Brownlow declares martial law in Ku Klux Klan crisis
1872 Metropolitan Museum of Art opens (NYC)
1873 U of Calif gets its 1st Med School (UC/SF)
1923 Christy Mathewson becomes pres of Boston Braves
1941 1st transport of Jews to concentration camps leave Plotsk Poland
1941 Nazis order Polish Jews barred from using public transportation
1944 Batman & Robin comic strip premieres in newspapers
1952 1st black umpire in organized baseball certified (Emmett Ashford)

1902 Ansel Adams, photographer (1966 ASMP Award)
1924 Gloria Vanderbilt, don't my jeans look great (poor little rich girl)
1924 Sidney Poitier, actor (Porgy & Bess, A Raisin in the Sun) or 1927
1925 Robert Altman, Kansas City MO, director (Nashville, M*A*S*H)
1955 Kelsey Grammer, Virgin Islands, actor (Fraiser Crane-Cheers/Fraiser)
1967 Kurt Cobain, rock vocalist (Pearl Jam)/husband of Courtney Love
1927 Erma Bombeck, Dayton Ohio, humorist (Grass is Always Greener...)
1931 Larry Hagman, TV actor (I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas)
1934 Rue McClanahan, Healdton Okla, actress (Maude, Golden Girls)
1936 Barbara Jordan, Houston, Tx, (Rep-D-Tx, 1972-78)
1940 John Lewis, (Rep-D-Georgia)

Ok, this one is for my daughter who loves "Blanche". What woman would not want to be as sexy, lucky, spunky, and vibrant as Blanche Devereaux from Golden Girls at her age of (40????). Happy Birthday, Rue.!I am soooo jealous!