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Opening Day ! Play Ball...Braves v Nationals Today at 1pm

As many of you know,I am from Atlanta and I am a big Braves fan. This is the time of the year that my wife takes over the Netflix account and I watch my Hometown Braves. My employees are all big Braves fans because they do no like to see me suffer after any loss. I know the season is long but Opening Day is always special. Go Braves and of course...Go Rangers

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Blog Special

Tell me one active player on the Braves and get a free small yogurt. Limit 1

Wear Ranger gear and Sugarless deLite will sell you a cone for 49 cents !

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Positive Outlook? We got it at Sugarless deLite

In life, isn't it funny that there are always people that complain. You know them..they are the people at the restaurant that always are sending their food back...At the airport they are yelling at the counter personnel. These people exist to complain. My approach is that these people are missing out on life. They are too busy complaining to enjoy most of the good things in life. They always believe that they have received the short end of the stick and must complain "or they will be screwed"

My approach is to be nice to everyone and not care about people who complain. When I see a server being yelled at by a customer,I stick up for the server.I support the underdog and believe that being nice or pleasant is a great option. It is why at Sugarless deLite, we have time to answer questions and try and educate our customers. We are in business to make money but we understand by serving our customers with top notch products and information, we can reach everyones goals. Rick

Winter / Winner Returns ? AL Champs Return Home to Open Friday.

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The AL Champs open this Friday and no one is happier than the folks at Sugarless deLite.We love the Great American game about as much as we love you our customer.

Blog Special

Tell us when Ranger opening day is and get a yogurt special. Buy 2yogurts of a size and get one free of that size size. Limit 1 free or wear a Ranger shirt or cap and tell us nothing but you want the Blog Special.

I had VCU all the Way-NOT

The NCAA Tourney has had some really great games. I have a rule...I only watch close games with less than 5 minutes left. It works for me.I hope that your bracket is still going well. Mine is DOA.

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Closing at 7pm returns April 1st.

Parfait Day at Sugarless deLite

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Blog Special #1

Buy a parfait at $3.99 and get a second for $2.99.Limit 2 discounted Parfaits

Blog #2

Buy 10 Chocolite bars and get 2 free. Limit 1 of this offer

NCAA Tourney Contest -Win a $25 Yogurt Card-Updated

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Leader Board so far on NCAA Tourney

Mott- Fist Place

Hudkinson-Second Place

Presley-Third Place

First Place wins $25 Yogurt Card

Knock,Knock on Heavens Door

Many of you that read the blog are regular customers and have heard the loud knocking of the 3rd yogurt machine. I had the middle machine repaired on Tuesday. I wish that I could earn $95 an hour plus a $58 trip charge and a fuel surcharge.The good news is the middle machine is doing great, the last machine is not or should I say "Knock doing well". The machine will continue to knock and then at some point it will stop working. Sad but true. The part to repair it is over $2,000 plus $300 to ship it from Italy.Labor of 5 hours would run around $500 more. Enough said.I wanted to update everyone of the story of the 'Knocking Machine'

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Blog Special

Get a large for a price of a small. Limit 2

Blog #2

All Bagels in freezer that are regularly $4.79 are 2 bags for $6.99.Limit 6 bags

Yogurt Machine under Repair

Our middle machine is currently under repair and as of 10am is not running. We hope to have it up later today as the repair continues.

Today's Expected Flavors

Currently Available

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Lemon and Strawberry

Later today if Machine is Working

Devils Food Cake and Maple Nut

Check Facebook for updates

Did You Get Your Slice Of Cake?

This past weekend was a huge one for our bakery with cakes served at weddings,80th birthday parties, and baby showers. When you,family or friends are need of a special occasion cake that is sugar free, please think of Sugarless deLite. We will not let you down. Our bakery has been selected one of the best in DFW. 22 years of baking from fresh ingredients daily. Yummy

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Blog Special

All freezer large yogurts are $3 each. We are glad to review the freezer inventory and set aside your order. Thanks. Limit 5

Sugarless deLite is always open-Closed 3 Days a Year

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Blog Special

Tell us what 3 days that we are closed on the first guess and get a large yogurt for the price of a small yogurt.


Chocolate PB 2 is in stock

Easter has arrived at Sugarless deLite

Buffet or no Buffet? Good Choices or Bad?

Nothings sound like a sure fire way to mess up your eating plan as a trip to a good ole buffet. If the buffet is Cici's, failure to control your calories is a real possibility; yet many buffets can be a great option. Most buffets have fruit,salad,protein and veggies along with fries,fried catfish,pizza,mayo based salads and many more bad high carbo items. Chinese buffets that my daughter and I love but my wife hates are great...peel and eat shrimp,steamed veggies,grilled chicken and crab legs can make a great dinner.

Some people can not do buffets since they feel that it is had to control themselves.Another person may think the options are so great that they can stay on their program.Whatever your choice for dinner,remember that Sugarless deLite is the PERFECT choice for dessert.Beginning April 1st, we will be open until 7pm Mon-Sat.Happy eating...Rick

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Blog Speci…

Last Day to Enter The NCAA Tourney at Sugarless deLite

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Banana,Cappuccino,Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon.


#1 Chocolate PB 2 will arrive Friday by Noon.

#2 Walden Farms has introduced 2 new Pasta Sauces-Tomato-Basil and Garlic -Herb

#3 We have a ready to eat LOW CARB Bistro bread from Dixie Carb Counter

Blog Special

All bagged Chocolates that are regularly $ 13.85 are 2 for $19.99 today. This includes Chocolate almonds,peanuts,malt balls and chocolate raisins.Limit 4 total bags

You Had Me at Free ! Bring in your NCAA Tourney Picks

You still have time to win a $ 25 Yogurt gift card in the 12th Annual Sugarless deLite Basketball Picks. No entry fee.Just pick the most winning games of the tourney of games that start from Thursday through the finals and you will win a $25 yogurt card.You win a few small yogurt by bringing in a completed bracket before Thursday's first games.No skill reqired! Check with our past winners.

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Chocolate PB 2 will be in Friday,March 18th

NCAA Tourney Contest -Win a $25 Yogurt Card

Today's Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Banana, Cappuccino, Pumpkin and Egg Nog

Get your NCAA Basketball brackets in for a chance to win a $25 get card. Just pick winners of all games that start on Thursday and get ready to win.

Blog Special

Reload your yogurt card and get a 20% bonus. Minimum purchase $50. We will add 20% at no additional charge.

NCAA Basketball Tourney Contest- It's Free

It is NCAA Basketball Tournment time and it is time for our annual contest.It is very simple. All you got to do is select the winners of all games. We are not including "Play in games". Brackets should be brought to the store or e-mailed to before tip off of first game.Person with most correct games correctly predicted wins a $ 25 yogurt card.

I will post the leaders after this weekends games

Everyone that enters in town gats a free small yogurt.Limit one entry.

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Raspberry,Egg Nog,Pumpkin, and Pistachio.

Blog Special

Bring your NCAA picks in today and get a Free Large yogurt

We are Your Low Carb Store!-Spring Forward tonight-Set Clocks up one Hour

With over 250 low carb items, we can meet all your low carb,diabetic and Atkins needs. We got great BBQ sauce from Hallmans and great in store baked items everyday.Pasta,Granola,Crackers and more. So come on down and sample.

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Pray for Earthquake Victims and Peace

On days like today, it is important to remember what is important and enjoy life to its' fulliest. The World is a big place. Thanks for sharing time with us at Sugarless deLite.

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Blog Special

Buy up to 4 pre-made freezer large yogurts for $1 off each.

Baseball,Hot Dogs and Sugarless deLite

As the tempertures edge up and we go on daylight savings time this Sunday night, Sugarless deLite sees many familar faces that put the yogurt cups aside for the Winter. These customer tell me that it is too cold to eat yogurt when the tempertures get in the 30's. Well...Welcome back and pull up a cup. 7pm close returns April 1st

Whether Sugarless deLite is a daily,weekly, or seasonal friend,We are glad you are here.


Sugarless deLite has set-up a top 10 area to help you find our most popular products.It is set up across from the checkout area.Check it out today

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Raspberry,Pistachio,Egg Nog and Pumpkin.

When "Research" Misleads.......

A recent "study" linked diet soda and strokes. On face value the headline is worrisome yet a closer look reveals the truth that the study was not a controlled study. Get this, by not being a controlled study there was no other factors besides consumption of diet sodas being measured.In follow up work,it was found that these diet soda drinkers ate high fat diets including cheeseburgers,fried food,pizza and fries.Yet the report overlooks this in the headlines reporting.It seems that many people who eat poorly think that they will "save" calories with their meat eaters pizza by drinking a diet soda. Another example of a "talking point" or headline that does not tell the real story.

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Blog Special

$1.49 cone or small. Limit 1

Guess Who is in the Picture for a Free Small?

When you enter Sugarless deLite there is a photo of me and a History Channel star. Identify the star or the show and score a few small yogurt today!. Limit one.

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Egg Nog,Pumpkin Pie,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla, and Coffee Royale.

Blog Special

$1 off freezer large yogurts which is cheaper than a small. Limit 4. All from freezer.

What is Gluten Free ?

Gluten is a part of wheat that presents health issues for many people. People with Celiac disease lack the ability to absorb gluten.Sugarless deLite strives to include everyone in our award winning baking. At Sugarless deLite ,we bake Gluten free items for our Gluten free customers as well as to drop the number of Carbs other customers.Sugarless deLite items are always sugar free.So come on down and see over 100 gluten free items in our store Check out our new Gluten Free Carrot Cake today.

Parfaits are now labeled Gluten Free.

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,Coffee Royale,Marshmallow and NY Cheesecake

Blog Special

Parfait Day

Buy a Parfait for $ 3.99 and get a 2nd for $2.99. Limit 3 discounted items

Make it a Great Saturday at Sugarless deLite

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Welcome To The Next Generation in Eating !

Sugarless deLite is not a health food store but a life style store for eating right. Sugarless deLite does not pre-suppose what you should eat but gives you choices. If you want organic..Step up.. If you need low calorie...Sugarless deLite is the place....We are #1 For Diabetics and Low Carb.Gluten Free Cakes and Pies... Sugarless deLite has it all.

Blog Special

Buy 2 yogurts from our freezer and get one freezer yogurt free. Limit 2 Free

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,Coffee Royale,Marshmallow, and New York Cheesecake.

Our Yogurt Will Not Make You Fat!

Strange headline ? Yes but it is true. While everyone one around town is buying yogurt by the ounce at other yogurt shops, they are putting on the pounds. Most of these other shops yogurts average 42 calories an ounce and that is without the toppings that add 100's more calories.

At Sugarless deLite our yogurt has only 14 calories and ounce and no fat or simple sugar. We sell it by the cup with set prices where you do not have to play the lottery to know how much your cup will cost before they weigh the yogurt and you find out you just got a $9.43 yogurt. No games at Sugarless deLite. Just fair prices and no fat.

When the other stores ounces turn into pound of gained weigh, remember Sugarless deLite.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,Chocolate Decadence,Coffee Royale,World Class Vanilla,NY Cheesecake and Marshmallow.

Blog Special

Buy a pita or Bagel and get a small yogurt for $1.29. Limit one per bab

Where have all your Favorite Restaurants Gone ?

The answer is simple. They are all in Orlando. On our recent visit to Orlando, our family visited some old friend from Dallas....Tony Roma's...Pizza Uno...and Bahama Breeze to name a few. It is hard to understand how so many good restaurants can not make it in the Metroplex.Tony Roma's in Addison was always a favorite for my wife. Ribs and great onion ring loaves. Yummy. Pizza Uno was located in Addison near Jasmines. Great pizza and a fun place. By the way these restaurants, all offer great healthy eating choices that make it sad in not having them in town to choose to eat at.

Orlando has many thing to do other than Disney World but the town is run by "The Mouse" and guess what ? Disney does a great job but like everything in life it is not free.

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Blog Special

PB 2 sale. Buy on at $7.99 and get a second for $4.99.Limit 2 discouned PB2

Back From Spring Training ! Go Braves!!

My daughter goes to school in Orlando and that happens to be the Spring Training Home of my Atlanta Braves.So of course, I went to the Spring opener this past Sunday at Disney Wide World of Sports. All the folks were there,me, my wife, Mickey Mouse,Chipper Jones and the whole Braves Crew.Yes, the weather was a perfect 84 degrees and the sun was shining.

Nothing says Spring like baseball,great weather and a nice cold Coke Zero

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Carmel Fudge,Butterscotch,Marshmallow and NY CHeesecake.

Blog Special

Identify Rick's Favorite baseball team and get a free small yogurt. Limit one free. ( Hint Above)