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Spring Training is Here ! Thank Goodness for Baseball

Play ball and ready for the Boys of Summer to return to Arlington. Maybe this is the year ? I love the great game like many fans in the Metroplex so go Rangers and play ball.

February 27th- March 3rd

#1 Yogurt club members can get a free large on Friday
#2 Buy five large yogurts for $17.99.
#3 Add $30 to your yogurt card and we will give you a $5 bonus. Total $30 add on is $35
#4 Buy 2 BBQ fiber gourmet crackers at $5.99 each and get a third box for 99 cents
#5 Small yogurt cups are only $1.59 on Tuesday. Limit 1

Why we do this ? Sugarless deLite

It seems like a reasonable question. Like many reasonable questions, it does not have a simple answer. Oh, that's right I haven't told you the question,,Sorry. ..

 People ask me, "Why did you open Sugarless deLite ? "

I said that it was not an easy answer. Do you mean, why I started Sugarless deLite some 28 years ago or why do I continue operate this business ? Honestly, I like the answer of why I do this every day more than the reason, my wife and I started Sugarless deLite.

I do it everyday because I believe that Sugarless deLite is important to exist. Clearly it provides employment to many fine people. Our staff is second to none.. Kind and smart people. But we mainly do this for our customers. I read the reviews of how we made a Type 1 diabetics child's Christmas better or how someones Grandmother had her first cake at 90 years old. I hear the kindness from young and old and all ages in between..I know many of our customers and they know me. It's like a …

Valentine's Day is Tuesday and Love is in the Air at Sugarless deLite

Valentines Day is Tuesday-February 14 No one offer the selection of low carb and sugar free Valentine treats as Sugarless deLite. We have chocolates, red velvet cookies, brownie and hand dipped chocolate Strawberries. Shop on Sunday from Noon- 6 pm.

Specials  February 13- February 18
#1 Cones on Monday are $1.99 on request #2 Buy 5 large yogurts for $17.49 #3 Yogurt club members can get a free Medium on Wednesday #4 Add $50 to your yogurt card and get a $8 bonus, $50 will earn a $58 add on. #5 Buy one DaVinnci Madagascar Vanilla syrup for $9. Normal price $12.99. Limit one

Fiber Gourmet is the Ticket to Great Taste and Good Health

Sugarless deLite is so Good Sugarless deLite is so much more than a dessert store. We have so many more healthy choices that can make your meals both tasty and healthy. Above is a great pasta dish using Fiber Gourmet pasta and some goodies from Traders Joe. Great tasting and easy to do. Check out us, seven days a week for better health.
Specials February 6- February 11
#1 Eight large yogurts are on sale for $27.99 #2 Add $30 to your yogurt card and get an $5 bonus. #3 Save $4 of a Valentine Heart that cost $44.99 or above. Must request blog discount at time of purchase #4 Yogurt Club members get a free small on Tuesday and Friday