30 July 2016

What's Your Favorite Product at Sugarless deLite ?

Over 700 Product Strong

Starting our 28th year on August 1 makes us at Sugarless deLite very proud. We started in 1989 and we hope to celebrate many more years here in Richardson.We offer the best in sugar free but to have over 700 products means that we are a whole lot more. Breads, cakes, pasta, BBQ sauces, and so much more.

Go on Facebook and post your favorite item and we will reward you with $1.00 off that item. Limit one. Remember your social media posts and sharing are the best way to help Sugarless deLite celebrate many more birthdays here in Richardson. We are the one and only
Specials August 1st-August 6th

#1. Buy 5 Large yogurts for $17.99
#2 Yogurt Card add on bonus. Add $50 and we will add an $8 bonus.Total value $58 for $50
#3 Buy any 2 Frozen bags of bagels and save $1,00 on 2 bags. Limit 4 total bags or $2 discount
#4 Yogurt club Members get a free medium on Wednesday
#5 Stivi Chocolate bars 2 for $4.99

16 July 2016

Summer Time deLite at Sugarless deLite

Opened August 1, 1989- Sugarless deLite

So a lot of people tell me they remember when we opened, I honestly do. I remember so many things over the years that I feel lucky. We have great customers some that have become friends. Great products but most have changed in the past decades. Great staff and a 362 day a year schedule for 27 years.Thank you..Thank you...Thank you.

We will start celebrating our birthday early with some throwback prices relating to 1989. Some specials will be just for one day some will be all week. Check out the specials below

July 18-July 23
#1. Rangers Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday. Get a Fifty cents small yogurt on Monday.You must request the Rangers special.
#2 !989 Tuesday. Get a throwback price for a large yogurt on Tuesday. Buy a large for $2.59 plus tax. Limit 2
#3.1999 Throwback Price. All week. Cones for $1.79 plus tax. On request. Limit 1
#4  Eight Large yogurts for $27.99
#5 1989 Week long throwback. One Pound of Peanut Clusters for $16.99. Normally $26.99.Limit one pound. You must buy a full pound to receive this price and request the price.
#6 99 cents Coke box drinks al week. Must ask for blog Coke special

10 July 2016

Is Today the Day ?

    The days go by and we always find ways to put of things off until another day. Tomorrow is the day that we will call our friend, dinner with parents will be next week but if not today, when will we do it?

Sugarless deLite is not a diet plan but makes eating right so much easier. We will not be like the stores that tell you to eat only organic or tell you what sweetener to use. Our policy is simple

We will offer our customers the best variety of choices. We will let our customers read the labels themselves. An informed and knowledgeable  customer is mature enough to make  the "Whole" choice on their "Foods". Enjoy freedom of choice at Sugarless deLite.

Specials July 11- July 16

#1 Yogurt Club members get a free small on Wednesday
#2 Eight large yogurts for $27.99
#3 Add $50 to your yogurt club card and we will add a $10 plus a free large yogurt
#4 All Coke products in Coke Cooler are 2 for $2.99. Must request the discount

03 July 2016

Open July 4th from Noon to 4

Make us part of your holiday celebration with hamburger buns, pies and brownies from Sugarless deLite. We are open from Noon-4 pm.

Please call ahead to check availability or to reserve a pie. We are at 972-644-2000.

Specials July 4- July 9

#1 Texas Ranger Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday, you can get a free small by asking for the Ranger special on Monday.
#2 Yogurt club member can a free small on Thursday
#3 Buy Six large yogurts for $20.99 plus tax
#4 Buy up to 5 bags of 99 cents fiber gourmet single serving bags for 75 cents each. These are Cinnamon and Cheddar single serving bags. You must request "Blog" price. Limit 5 per day.
#5 BOGO medium yogurt on Friday. Limit one. Must request the special