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In our continuing effort to trim down our possessions and organize our home, Erica did some cleaning around the apartment this last weekend. She did a fantastic job. Admit ably, she is a much better organizer than I am when it comes to paperwork, books, and boxes. I tend to go through things and then, after sorting out what is not needed, put things into general boxes. Since I almost always remember where I put them, this is not usually a problem. My wife, on the other hand, is a one who like to label. This is by far a superior method.

I would say that we are now only one trip to Goodwill away from cleaning out must of the unneeded or underused items in the house. The only other things that we need to do is sell the couch and the chair to free up more room, and we've got to take our old cell phones to a donation center. After a few months of elimination, we've gotten to the point where we could easily move into a one bedroom with a study.

If it was not for my large collection of memorabilia, we would have a lot more room. Easily one full closet is taken up by my collection of baseball cards, comic books, PEZ dispensers, and other oddball items from my youth. I like to call it the college fund closet. Nevertheless, I think that we've done a fairly good job.


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