Beautiful Days

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Coffee Royal, Grasshopper, Roasted Almond, and Peach.

Get your Sierra deLite bars for only $3.25 today (regularly $4.50) when you ask for today's special. This yummy treat has chocolate and nuts all rolled into a portable 2"x4" serving. Great for anyone who is on the go.

If you have ever wondered what my perfect fall weather day is, then today would be a good answer. A day that does not get too warm and has a nice cooler evening is a true gift. While it is true that I also love the colder weather during the winter, I can very much appreciate the days like today when they come during the fall or the spring. It is even a better gift when we get one during the tail end of the summer, especially when we get a whole week of them to close out the summer.

One thing that I find interesting about any ranking system that relies on votes is that winning is not everything. The University of Georgia has proved that in the AP poll the last two weeks. While the Bulldogs started out this year ranked at number one, they fell to number two after their second win of the year and have now fallen to number three after their third victory. While undefeated, the voters have been, thus far, more impressed with the other undefeated teams around the nation. Sometimes a win is just not enough.

On the other hand, the folks at Notre Dame have to be extremely happy with their first 2-0 start in a while. The defeat of their arch rival Michigan no doubt sweetened the pot. With their second victory of the season, I now have three of my teams starting out 2-0 or better this year. I just hope that the unscheduled off week for Texas doesn't get them out of their rhythm.


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