31 July 2010

Cool Down With A Free Cone-- Check Blog Special Below-Open until 7 PM

Weekend Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Carmel Fudge,Cappuccino,Banana Cheesecake, and Very Berry

Blog Special

Buy a cone and get a cone free. Limit one free cone. Open until 5pm

30 July 2010

Rangers Keep on Winning Blog Special

Fridays Flavors
Carmel Fudge,World Class Vanilla,Cappuccino,Banana Cheesecake,Chocolate Decadence and Very Berry

Blog Special

Since the Rangers are so hot, we want you to stay cool this summer. Today's blog special is

Stock up day.

For every $ 50 you spend on anything in the store , you will get a $10 gift card.Limit$ 20 in free gift card money. Gift cards can be used on any items not just yogurt.Gift cards can not be used today as a means of purchasing this special.Special available until 5 PM

29 July 2010

Open until 7pm .Send Comments on Favorite Flavors and See Them Appear Sooner

Thursdays Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Carmel Fudge,Cappuccino,Banana Cheesecake and Very Berry

Blog Special

We love comments since we get so few on the blog. I will try to honor flavor requests with the understanding that there are 48 flavors and only 4 flavors that are rotated that being said, post a comment and GET A FREE SMALL.Limit one free.

28 July 2010

July 28th 2010

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel Fudge, Cappuccino, Pistachio, Marshmallow

27 July 2010

July 27th 2010

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel Fudge, Cappuccino, Pistachio, Marshmallow

Blog Special

Buy two or more Davinci's flavor syrups and get a free small yogurt

26 July 2010

Today's yogurt flavors are: Chocolate, Vanilla, German Chocolate Cake, Roasted Almond, Pistachio and Marshmallow.

24 July 2010

Open until 7 PM Today

Weekend Flavors

Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Pistachio,Marshmallow, German Chocolate Cake and Roasted Almond

Blog Special

Buy a pound of hard candy or chocolate and get a free small yogurt.Limit 1

Blog Special #2

Buy one yogurt cone get one free. 10AM-3PM limit one

23 July 2010

Rangers are Hot and So are You-Cool off until 7 PM Tonight

Fridays Flavors
Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla,German Chocolate Cake, Roasted Almond, Marshmallow, and Pistachio.

Blog Special- 11am- 1pm ONLY

Buy 2 Large yogurts from freezer and get 1 free. Limit 3 Free which is a $12 savings.

22 July 2010

Open until 7 PM

Thursday's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla, German Chocolate Cake,Roasted Almond, Marshmallow, and Pistachio.

Blog Special

Buy a medium yogurt and get a small free. Limit one. Available until 6 pm

21 July 2010

Unlimited Free Large Pre-Frozen Yogurts-Buy 4 and Get One Free-No Limit to Free

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Egg Nog,White Chocolate Mousse,Roasted Almond, and German Chocolate Cake.

Blog Special

Buy 4 get and one free large yogurts from freezer. No limit as supplies last. No call ahead to pull for freezer but we will be glad to set your order aside for later in the day pick-up of in stock yogurt.Open until 5 pm Thanks.

20 July 2010

"That's One Small Step for Man ...One Giant Leap For Mankind"

In the course of our day, we may forget to take the cleaning,get the milk or G-d forbid forget to eat a meal, yet today is the anniversary of the Moon landing and basically, it has become part of our history......forgotten.

I take a minute to remind you that our country is still great and we do many great things. Let's remember that these great people include our teachers and educators who develop the next generation of leaders. So to honor the teachers today......show us your ID and get a free small yogurt. Tell us that you remember, this day in 1969 and I will up size the small to a medium. Tell me that you were not alive in 1969 and you can buy me a yogurt! Kidding.

Tuesdays Flavors

Chocolate,Vanilla,Egg Nog,White Chocolate Mousse,German Chocolate Cake and Roasted Almond.

19 July 2010

3 out of 4 in Boston !- Happy Birthday Stephanie

Monday's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Toffee Coffee,Maple Nut,White Chocolate Mousse, and Egg Nog.

Chocolate Decadence and Vanilla Machine will be Cleaned from 4-5:30 today.

Blog Special
In honor of our daughters 24 th Birthday, tell us "Happy Birthday" and get a free small yogurt. Limit one. Open until 4 PM

Rangers are for real. Pitching, defense ,and hitting yet the sports page had on the front......Mavs acquire Tyson Chandler and Cowboy training camp news. Rangers were on page 3. Big league town or Cowboy town? What do you think?

17 July 2010

Open until 7 PM Tonight

Weekend Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Maple Nut,Toffee Coffee,White Chocolate Mousse, and Egg Nog

Blog Special

Buy a cone get one free -Open until 2pm. Limit one.

16 July 2010

Where Has the Summer Gone ? We are Open until 7 PM

Friday's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla,Toffee Coffee,Maple Nut, White Chocolate Mousse, and Egg Nog.

It is already the 16th of July and the dog days of summer are upon us. It appears that we will continue the 7PM closing through September. The hour seems to give people a chance to shop after work. Since it works for our customers,Sugarless deLite will keep it going. We will see what less daylight and shorter days means by October. Thanks for your support. Ricky

Blog Special

50 % Off all items on sale rack.

Drencher Low Carb Fruit Drinks-Regularly $ 2.29 are now 99 cents no matter where they are located in store.Mo futher discounts lower than 99 cents on this item.

Blog # 2

$5.00 off $ 30.00 yogurt purchase. You must PRINT THIS BLOG for this discount.

15 July 2010

Open Until 7 PM-Cream Pie Sale- $ 14.99

Thursday's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Toffee Coffee,Maple Nut,Egg Nog and White Chocolate Mousse.

Blog Special

Buy 3 large freezer yogurts and get one free. Limit 2 Free. Open until close

Blog # 2

Buy 2 extra Large yogurts. Get a Freezer yogurt free and a small of your choice.Please call ahead for the XL. Limit one

14 July 2010

Open until 7 pm-Cake Loaf Sale $ 14.99

Wednesday's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Maple Nut,Toffee Coffee,Mango and Strawberry

Blog Special

Cake loaves -Regularly $ 19.99 Today $ 14.99

# 2 Special

Bagels and Pita -Normally $ 4.79 each- 2 for $ 7.99

13 July 2010

15 % Bonus on Yogurt Card Add-ons Today-Open until 7PM

Tuesday's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Mango,Strawberry,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Grasshopper

Blog Special
Reload a yogurt card today for $30 or more and get 15% added on for free. A $30 purchase will net you a $4.50 card bonus and a free small. This is a $7.50 value or a 25% total bonus. Offer good until close.

Exiting Flavors

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

12 July 2010

Random Thoughts-Open until 7 pm

I always look on the web for reviews. It is normally a very pleasant read. I read one last night that was a joke. They reviewed us on our Shakes. The review said that we had made the shake smaller to save money and that it was the size of a Starbucks tall. They also said they would never come back again.

The shake is the same size and price it has been for 4 years.


I can not edit nor can I comment on their incorrect posting. They gave us a one star that someone may believe based on their posting. I ask you, our blog readers to remember to post reviews our Goggle,Yahoo,Urban Spoon and Yelp.

It is great when you tell me how great the store is and how you love us. Please help Sugarless deLite with posting if you would like to do so. Thanks

Monday's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Mango,Strawberry,Grasshopper and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Chocolate and Vanilla Machine will be cleaned 3:30- 4:30 today.

Blog Special

PB 2 Sale -Regularly 7.99. Today $ 4.99 Limit 2

10 July 2010

Power is Back On - Open until 7pm

Weekend Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,Grasshopper,Mango and Strawberry

Blog Special

Buy one yogurt get one free. Open until 4pm. Limit one .No xl

09 July 2010

Sugarless deLite- A Touch of Heaven for Healthy Eating Choices

Friday's Flavor

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Mango,Strawberr,Grasshopper and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Blog Specials

XL Yogurt Buy 1 at normal price and get second XL for $ 2.99. Call ahead only . You can buy 2 offers, 4 yogurts total.

Special #2

Cake Loaves Normally $ 19.99 Today $ 15.99 Call ahead if you want to see whatflavors are on hand of cakes.

08 July 2010

New Flavor!! It's Mango- Open Until 7 PM

Today's Flavors

World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Decadence,Strawberry,Mango,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Grasshopper.

Blog Special

Buy 2 yogurts for $ 4.99 .No XL. Open until close.Limit 1 purchase at $ 4.99

Check out our new summer flavor....Mango.

07 July 2010

Zero Carbs Marshmallows Back in Stock ! Open until 7pm

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Grasshopper,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,French Vanilla and Boysenberry

Blog Special
Cake Piece Sale. All Cake Pieces $ 4.99 Limit one. Regular prices up to $8.00

06 July 2010

Daily Blog Source Of Savings-Open Until 7 PM Tonight

Tuesday's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,French Vanilla,Mocha Fudge,Pecan Praline, and Boysenberry

Exiting Flavor -Today around 4 pm

Mocha Fudge
Pecan Praline

Blog Special

Print this Blog and get 10% off your complete order over $20. Good for gift card purchases over $100.


Blog Bakery Special

Any bakery item that is $ 3.49. Today 2 for $ 4.99. Limit 4

05 July 2010

Open Tonight until 7pm-Cone Day

Monday Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Mocha Fudge,Pecan Praline,Boysenberry and French Vanilla

Blog Specials
# 1-Cone Day- All Cones regularly $2.77 plus tax, today $ 1.49 plus tax. Limit one

# 2-Holiday Special . Come in open until 4 pm and buy a yogurt cup (not cone special) and come back 5 pm- 7pm for the same size free. Limit one no XL. Must ask for the holiday special on the first purchase.

Happy 4th and 5th

03 July 2010

Open until 7 Pm Tonight- 4th July open Noon-6 pm

Weekend Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Mocha Fudge,Pecan Praline,French Vanilla and Raspberry Cheesecake

Blog Special

Cream Pie Regularly $ 19.99- Saturday Price $14.99

Blog Yogurt Special

Buy one get one free. No XL. Open until 2 pm,limit 1 free

02 July 2010

Celebrate the 4 th in Style with Sugarless deLite-Cake Loaf Special

Friday's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,French Vanilla,Mocha Fudge,Pecan Praline and Boysenberry.

Blog Special

Cake Loaves Normally $ 19.99. Today and Saturday $ 16.99 each or 2 for $ 29.99

Super Special

Wear a 4 th of July shirt and get a free small yogurt.Limit one per person per day. You may use the $ 3.00 to upsize on a larger cup

01 July 2010

Sugarless deLite Shares Knowledge from Health.com

Sugar, not just salt, linked to high blood pressureBy Amanda Gardner

A new study says that above-average glucose consumption could be associated with high blood pressure.STORY HIGHLIGHTS
A study says those who consume too much fructose are more likely to have hypertension

Consuming more than 74 grams of fructose daily could increases your risk of hypertension

But, the findings don't prove that fructose actually causes hypertensionRELATED TOPICS
Cardiovascular Medicine
Diet and Nutrition
High Blood Pressure
(Health.com) -- Eating too much sodium can push your blood pressure into the danger zone. Now, researchers are reporting that eating too many sweets--or drinking too much soda--may have a similar effect.

People who consume a diet high in fructose, a type of sugar and a key ingredient in high-fructose corn syrup, are more likely to have high blood pressure (hypertension), according to a new study.

Drinking 2.5 cans or more of non-diet soda per day--or consuming an equivalent amount of fructose from other foods--increases your risk of hypertension by at least 30 percent, the study found. What's more, the increased risk appears to be independent of other dietary habits, including sodium, carbohydrate and overall calorie intake.

Health.com: 25 Shockingly Salty Foods

The study, which appears in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, focused on foods containing high-fructose corn syrup and other added sugars, such as soda, fruit punch, cookies, candy and chocolate. (Although fructose occurs naturally in fruits, the researchers excluded them because they contain other nutrients that are difficult to measure.)

"High-fructose corn syrup is very prevalent," says Dr. Michel Chonchol, M.D., the senior author of the study and a blood pressure specialist at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center, in Aurora. "If you go to grocery stores, it's everywhere."

Chonchol and his colleagues analyzed the diet and blood pressure readings of more than 4,500 U.S. adults with no history of hypertension. The data used in the study was collected in nationwide surveys over a four-year period by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and also included information on health measures such as physical activity and body mass index.

Health.com: 25 Diet-Busting Foods You Should Never Eat

The researchers estimated each person's fructose intake using detailed diet questionnaires and nutrition information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The average fructose intake was 74 grams a day, an amount roughly equivalent to that found in 2.5 cans of soda.

People who consumed more than the average amount were more likely to have high blood pressure than people who consumed less, the researchers found. Above-average fructose intake increased the likelihood of having blood pressure above 140/90 and 160/100 mmHg by 30 percent and 77 percent, respectively. (Normal blood pressure is 120/80 or below, while anything above 140/90 is considered high.)

Hypertension can affect the health of blood vessels and is a leading risk factor for heart disease, kidney disease, and other ailments.

Health.com: The 50 Fattiest Foods in the States

The findings don't prove that fructose actually causes hypertension, however. Although the researchers took various health factors and dietary habits besides fructose intake into account, it's always possible that other, unknown factors explain the apparent link between fructose and hypertension, says Dr. Cheryl Laffer, M.D., an associate professor of internal medicine at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, in Temple.

The study "doesn't tell us anything about causation," she says. "People who have high blood pressure may eat more fructose. It can go either way."

One important drawback of the study is that the participants reported their own diets based on memory, which makes the estimates of fructose intake less accurate.

But the study's limitations don't mean that people should feel free to go on sugar binges, Laffer says. "I wouldn't discourage people from eating less fructose, because we have evidence that high fructose [consumption] is not particularly good for you," she says.

Health.com: The Best Foods for Your Heart

Animal studies have linked fructose consumption to higher blood pressure, for instance, and a study published earlier this year in the journal "Circulation" suggested that cutting back on sugar-sweetened beverages may lower blood pressure.

In a statement, the Corn Refiners Association, a trade group representing manufacturers of high-fructose corn syrup, said that Chonchol and his colleagues were drawing "inaccurate conclusions about fructose." The association challenged the authors' estimate that 2.5 cans of soda contain about 74 grams of fructose, and also highlighted the inaccuracies of diet surveys that rely on memory.

"The risk of hypertension from fructose is not a matter of concern for the overwhelming majority of Americans," the association stated.

Health.com: Tricks to Lower Blood Pressure

Chonchol and his colleagues acknowledge that more research is needed to confirm a link between fructose and hypertension.

It's still unclear how fructose might affect blood pressure, for instance. One theory is that fructose might make the body absorb sodium more readily, Chonchol says. Fructose intake may also increase levels of uric acid, which has been shown to contribute to high blood pressure.

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Copyright Health Magazine

Open Until 7PM and Open July 4 th- 12-6pm

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French Vanilla,Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Boysenberry,Mocha Fudge, and Pecan Praline.

Blog Special

Print this blog and bring it in. It is worth $ 3.00 off a $ 10 purchase. Can not be combined with any other offer.Good until 6 pm today