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Leap Year Savings All Week at Sugarless deLite

Well, let's have some once every 4 year specials and celebrate Leap Year with a sale. The operative number here is  29. These sales are good all week.

Specials February 29- March 5
#1  Any Russell Stover's Candy on sale rack is 29 cents

#2  Add $40 to your yogurt card for $29.99  Limit 2 additions at this price for the week. $59.98 will get an $80 add on is maximum weekly add on. 

#3 Buy any Chocolite Bar for 2 for $2.99. Normally 2 for $3.98. Limit 4 total bars per day

#4 Yogurt club members get a free small yogurt on Monday only February 29th

#5 Buy one Fiber Gourmet Cracker at $5.99 and get a second for $4.99 Limit to one pair per day.Total for 2 bags $10.98

Limits apply. You must request special. If you ask what the specials are in store, you will be referred to our Social media sites. 

Spring is Here. Winter Withdraws from 2016 Race

Exercise and Weight Loss

You've heard it time and again -- to lose weight, you need to exercise and watch your diet, so that your calories burned exceed your calories consumed. But if you've been working out and your extra pounds won't budge, you may be wondering why that seemingly simple strategy isn't working. Don't hang up your sneakers and throw in the towel. If you do, you're going to miss out on the biggest weight perk exercise has to offer, experts tell WebMD Here is the #1 point from the Web MD Site 1. Exercise is only part of the weight loss story. On the couch or in the gym, there's no getting around your tab of calories in and calories out. Robert Kushner, MD, is a professor of medicine at Northwestern University and clinical director of the Northwestern Comprehensive Center on Obesity. He says the obese patients he treats often tell him they're not seeing the results they want from exercise. "They typically will say, 'I have been wo…

Sugarless deLite is One of a Kind and Proud of It

Sugarless deLite is a one of a kind. We strive to have the best choices no matter what eating plan you choose. We are located right here in Dallas yet our customers are in all 50 states. Our website has been visited over 500,000 times.Sugarless deLite has greeted over 1 million people through our doors in 27 years. We thank you for your support. Looking forward to serving you at Coit and Campbell for many more years to come.

Specials February 15- February 20

#1  Buy Walden Farm products at $1 off each. Limit one per day.
#2  Valentine Russell Stover's Marshmallow Hearts Buy one and get one free
#3  Yogurt club members can get buy 2 large yogurts and get one free on Thursday.Limit 1 Free
#4  Eight Large Yogurts for $27.99 plus tax. Everyday but Thursday.
#5  Buy one item on sale rack for 50% off

If you like Us, Show Sugarless deLite by Passing the Word on !

2016 is a lot like 1916 in one way, the best way to spread the word on something you like to tell a friend. Word of mouth, what you think and spreading it , is the way to help us get better.

Sugarless deLite has great reviews on social media but we get very few posts. If you got a minute, please feel few to express yourself in cyberspace.

Specials February 8th-Feb 13th

#1  Yogurt club members can get a free small on Wednesday
#2  Six larges are on sale for $22.99 plus tax
#3  Add $100 to your yogurt card and we will give you a $20 bonus. Total add on with purchase and bonus would be $120.