31 January 2012

ELVIS has not Left the Building at Sugarless deLite

Sugarless deLite is proud to say that we are making a pound cake fit for a King. The King that we are talking about is Elvis. Our bakery is producing the recipe from the Graceland Cookbook but without the sugar.This Elvis recipe is unbelievable.Rich deep flavor that would make you dance "in your blue suede shoes." Sugarless deLite is sampling daily. Loaves are on sale daily and can be shipped.

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,Vanilla Malt,Lemon and German Chocolate Cake,

Blog Special

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30 January 2012

Random Thoughts that You May not Know or Care About...

#1 Sugarless deLite opened on August 1st of 1989
#2 Sugarless deLite had a second store in Plano from 1991-1994. It was by Collin Creek
     Mall near Souper Salad.  We never really caught on there. During our peak, Sugarless
     deLite employed 32 people.
#3 We were open from 11am-11pm Friday and Saturday from 1989-1994.
#4 Most of our employees are UTD students
#5 We are open 363 days this year due to Leap Year.
#6 At least once a week I will tell people that we are open 362 days a year and they then
     ask me if we are  open on Sunday,  Think about it a second
#7  3 Products contain a small amount of sugar, Pumpkin Butter-Chipotle Sauce and
      PB2. Very small  amouts that are OK for most of our customers 2-5 grams of sugar
      or maple sugar.
#8 Tim, our Baker, has been with us since October 1995
#9 We give to dozens of charities of our customers every year. Thanks for asking!
#10  Saturday is our busiest day and Tuesday our slowest
#11 Yogurt was the king when we opened in 1989 and now it is an afterthought.
#12 Sugarless deLite has over 600 products

Today's Flavor

Chocolate Decadence, Vanilla Malt, Lemon and German Chocolate Cake.

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28 January 2012

Welcome One and All

When I first went to Weight Watchers at the age of 14 in Atlanta ,I remember the sign. It said "Welcome Pilgrim,your search has ended". I thought what the heck but have remembered the sign for 43 years. In those days WW meant eating liver ,no mayo and alot of fish. Today, dieting has changed yet the greeting is the same. We are always looking for the answer. Sugarless deLite hopes you find your perfect diet and that we can be a partner in your weight loss or healthy eating lifestyle. Whether you are a Pilgrim, a Cowboy,a butcher,baker or candle stick maker. Welcome.

Today's Flavors

Vanilla Malt,Chocolate Decadence,German Chocolate Cake and Lemon.

Blog Special

Small, Medium or Large Lemon yogurts are $2.77 plus tax. Limit 2

27 January 2012

Another Lesson ....

My wife has this Rado watch and it stopped working a number of years a go and she took it in for repair. This unnamed shop told her that the watch stem was broken and that the repair would be $180 which is greater than our original cost of the watch. By the way this shop was the authorized dealer.
Well, my friend Norman, who is a watch guy took it in for repair for me and Amazingly the watch needed only a battery and not the $180 repair.

My point is that the unnamed shop will never get my business and I will tell people to avoid them.No one likes a crook.

At Sugarless deLite , we are honest and beyond.If a person says that they are on Weight Watchers and ask us how many points are in a 12 ounce piece of cake we will say that the cake is not WW friendly. It is not because Sugarless deLite does not want to sell the cake but it would be dishonest to indicate the item is for a WW program with out a massive usage of points. Sugarless deLite wants customers that know we are "Honest brokers" and not only about the sale.

We know alot about alot of programs so  we can help.

Today's Flavors
Vanilla Malt,Chocolate Decadence,German Chocolate Cake and Lemon

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26 January 2012

Yes ! You Asked and They are Back!

Sugarless deLite has brought back many of the Freshly baked Alternative Western Bagels to compliment the Perfect 10 bagel. We are proud to now carry freshly baked Onion,Wheat, Italian, and Cinnamon. These are flown in from the bakery in LA. These are great and low calorie,high fiber and protein.Still only $4.79

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence, Vanilla Malt,Lemon and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Exiting Flavors  Chocolate Peanut Butter

Blog Special

Buy 4 bags of any Bagels and get a 5 th for 99 cents

25 January 2012

I Like People but,,,,,,,,,,

You know the story.......

There is always a person who never likes anything. You know them. They know everything! The best way to drive somewhere,they know the best places to eat and they know everything about every topic; however if you differ with them you better hold on to your hat. So why do I say this......

I like all of my customers and am glad that they support my family and my employees. Yet in 2012, I want to share with you the truth. I do not care the politics of any customer. Be you on the right or left, watch MSNBC or Fox,whether you are white,brown, or black, you are a welcome customer at Sugarless deLite. I say this because at time as the political  retroric heats up, please know that we are in the Sugar Free business not politics. Words can hurt and be painful. Let us declare Sugarless deLite a Politicial Free Zone.

Sugarless deLite is a business with a soul. We like all people but we like nice people more!

And I Thank You !

Today's Flavors
Lemon,Chocolate Peanut Butter,Vanilla and Chocolate

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Baja Bobs

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24 January 2012

Busy Day and Alot of Mail Orders so Short Blog

Some days it is hard to spend a lot of time blogging since Sugarless deLite has incoming shipments and orders to ship...Today is one of those days!

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,Chocolate Peanut Butter,Lemon and World Class Vanilla.
Angel Food Cake will be in until around noon.

23 January 2012

Random and Sugar Free Thoughts

I had a poster in 1972 in my college dorm. It said something like this " It often shows a fine command of language to say nothing at all." This idea has been a great way to live. I always try and make sure that in my business at Sugarless deLite that I respect others and their ideas yet I feel a need to clarify myself.

#1 Please, Every article that is written on the web is not true; therefore because you saw an article on the web does not make it true

#2 A sweetener is not a good choice because it is natural, For example,arsenic, is all natural but not healthy.

#3 Stevia is not a great sweetener. It tastes like licorice and is not great in baking. For years the health food industry complained that it was not approved by the FDA due to lobbying against it. There is no larger lobby than the health food industry and try to fight against it.

#4 Most of all, please understand that we at Sugarless deLite are not Doctors but that does not mean that we can not be helpful in your eating choices. I have 6 years of college, a MSSW from the University of Texas and 23 years in the sugar free industry,If you want, we can help.
Today's Flavors

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Decadence
Angel Food Cake
World Class Vanilla

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21 January 2012

Free Yogurt Blog Special !

Blog Special

Buy 2 larges from our freezer and get one free. Limit 2 Free.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Peanut Butter,Angel Food Cake,Chocolate Decadence, and World Class Vanilla

20 January 2012

Repeat of Yesterdays Sale-Great Deal and High Protein

The Perfect 10 Bagel is packed with goodness, like flax seeds, wheat bran, sesame seeds, oat flakes and millet seeds. And it has 18g of protein, 9g of fiber, and of course, only 10 net carbs. All of this goodness and olny 140 calories.
Add the PB 2 to your bagel and the calories still stay below 200 total calories for a great high protein load with 23 grams of protein and low carbs.(Not a real Link above)

Blog Special

Buy a Perfect 10 combination with PB 2 for only $ 9.99 and save $2.79 off regular price. No limit of combination purchases. Today only

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Peanut Butter,Chocolate Decadence,World class Vanilla and Angel Food Cake.

19 January 2012

Perfect 10 Bagels and PB 2

The Perfect 10 Bagel is packed with goodness, like flax seeds, wheat bran, sesame seeds, oat flakes and millet seeds. And it has 18g of protein, 9g of fiber, and of course, only 10 net carbs. All of this goodness and olny 140 calories.
Add the PB 2 to your bagel and the calories still stay below 200 total calories for a great high protein load with 23 grams of protein and low carbs.(Not a real Link above)

Blog Special

Buy a Perfect 10 combination with PB 2 for only $ 9.99 and save $2.79 off regular price. No limit of combination purchases. Today only

Today's Flavors

Cappuccino,Chocolate Decadence,World class Vanilla and NY Cheesecake.

18 January 2012

The Changing Face of Sugarless deLite

At Sugarless deLite if you have not been in our store in awhile you have missed a lot. More low carb, low calorie, high protein, and fat free items are throughout the store. And yes, everything is still chosen with the idea that it is diabetic safe.
While our aisles are not this big our selection is on target to help you meet special dietary needs. Tell a friend and it will make a difference.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla, Cappuccino, and New York Cheesecake

Blog Special

Choco-Lite Bars are buy 5 bars and get one free . Limit 4 Free

17 January 2012

PB 2 Thins are On the Way !

The latest product from PB 2 is on the way to Sugarless deLite. It is the 100 calorie pack of their peanut butter cracker. Great for a low calorie and calorie controlled diet for great healthy snacking. It will be on our shelves by January 25th.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Cappuccino, and New York Cheesecake.

Blog Special

50% off anything on sale rack today. This is 50% off the lowest marked price.

16 January 2012

Don't Tell Me Vacation is Over ! I Told You not to Tell Me

Well, the answer to the question is that vacation was great and that I do enjoy a cruise ship more than work but I need to get back on track with Weight Watchers. This will hard to get going again. I have been off track for too long. Granted not real bad eating but off track none the less. Cheer me on!!
No,Stacey and I were not on Costa but Royal Caribbean out of Galveston.Great trip and a great cruise line

Today's Flavors

Chocolate,World Class Vanilla,Cappuccino and New York Cheesecake.

Blog Special

All Freezer Yogurt are on sale for $2.99 plus tax.Limit 5

13 January 2012

TGIF: Friday Yogurt Flavors

Today's flavors are: Chocolate, Vanilla Malt, Cappuccino, and New York Cheesecake

12 January 2012

Thursday's yogurt flavors

Todays yogurt flavors are Chocolate, Vanilla Malt, Cappuccino and New York Cheesecake.

Chocolate and Vanilla Malt will be down from 11-12:30 to be cleaned.

07 January 2012

Playoff Football and Sugarless deLite are Two Winning Combinations

Come on in to Sugarless deLite  this weekend and party the Sugarless deLite way with great and healthy treats from Sugarless deLite

Today's Flavors
Vanilla Malt,Chocolate Decadence,Caramel and Mocha

Blog Special
Wear an NFL jersey and get buy one large yogurt get one free on Large yogurt. Limit 1

06 January 2012

Winter Temperatures in the AM and Spring in the Afternoon...Seems like a Great Time for Sugarless deLite

If you like it cold in the morning and a little warm in the afternoon, Welcome to  Dallas. I love this temperture swing. You need to run a little heat in the morning and the afternoons are perfect outside. Make it more  perfect with Healthy treats from Sugarless deLite.
Talk a nice walk or enjoy the day. Since you are reading this copy,Sugarless deLite will provide you with a free small yogurt just for the asking. Say I saw it on the blog.Limit 1

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,Vanilla Malt,Caramel, and Mocha.

New Approach

Many of you have requested that Sugarless deLite vary the Vanilla Flavors so we are trying Vanilla Malt this week as our standard vanilla.Great flavor. Ask for a sample!

05 January 2012

Yogurt Specials

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Caramel and Mocha.

Blog Special

All Freezer Large Yogurts in the freezer are on sale.Unlimited larges from freezer are $2.99 p[us tax each

04 January 2012

New Clothes and Healthy Eating

Some of the greatest rewards from dropping those extra pounds are those remarks that people make to you. "Boy ! You have lost a lot of weight!" Also shopping is more fun when you can shop for smaller clothes.

Sugarless deLite is not just for no sugar eating. We are for all diets. So if getting fit is in store for you in 2012,think of the good folks at Sugarless deLite. We will leave the light on for you until 6pm nightly.

Whether you do Weight Watcher,low carb,HCG,Medi-fast,Gastric bypass,High Protein, Sugarless deLite is your store.

Today's Flavors

Caramel,Mocha,Chocolate decadence, and World Class Vanilla.

03 January 2012

Why Do We Try and Workout ?

I hate going to the Gym the month of January. No, it is not because I have not worked out in months. It is the CROWDS ! All of those people who decided that they are going to workout for the New Year. I am happy for them but could they please not use "my" machine that is always waiting for me at 6:01 pm. "My"   machine knows me and I like it. It is right by the TV and I watch the news from a great angle but no today I will not have my machine and I will look at the person with anger who is on "my" Machine. The person may even smile at me and I will fake a smile hoping "my" machine will throw them to the floor. It is "my" machine.

All kidding aside, exercise and diet are partners that go hand in hand....so if the New Year brings a change in better eating habits then consider a trip to the Gym and OK you can use "my" machine.

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Devil's Food Cake and Strawberry

Exiting Flavors
Strawberry and Devil's Food

Super PB2 Blog Special

Pick-up a PB2 Punch card and load it up quickly. 10 punches get a free PB2 .Today buy one PB2 at $7.99 and buy a second at $5.99 and a third at $3.99 and get double punches for all purchases.You save $7 dollars today and 6 punch are worth $4.80 toward a free jar.

02 January 2012

Let Dieting Season Begin at Sugarless deLite

So did you eat more than you wanted to this holiday season ? I sure made some bad choices but also quite a few choices so as I start the year I am up 2 pound over November . Not good and not bad.
Let Sugarless deLite help you meet dietary needs this New Year ! We are not a diet store but a place that can make eating more fun. So come on in and check out the great treats at Sugarless deLite !
So what ever your goal may be...Sugarless deLite can help you get there!

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Devil's Food Cake and Strawberry

Winter Hours in Effect
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday  Noon-6pm