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We are Fluent in Your Eating Plan

Sugarless deLite knows enough to help you with most eating plans.

This is what Virginia says from her visit on July 22

Great place for sugar free goodies!! The owner is super nice. Everyone there was super helpful. They gave us a small tour of the items and gave us a taste test of some brownies. My new favorite place! Definitely worth the drive from across town. They are Keto, diabetic, gluten-free friendly. Many items are made with nut flours. :)

This is Marsha's feedback from her July 23 visit
Sugarless Delite carries the products that help me deal with my cravings and stay on track!

Please consider that Sugarless deLite is a Store that can help you. Open to Serve you 7 Days a Week.

Specials For July 24-July 29

#1 Rangers Monday.If the Texas Rangers win on Sunday, you can get a Free Small yogurt on Monday by requesting the Ranger special
#2  Eight Large Yogurts are $27.99.
$3 Put $100 on your yogurt card and get 5 free yogurt today or we can put a $15 bonus on your yogurt card. This is…

Dog Days of Summer and Flash Sales Continue

Check Out This Weeks Specials
July 17th - July 22

#1 Ranger Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday, you win at Sugarless deLite with a free small yogurt.Rangers must win and you must request the Rangers special.
#2 Yogurt club members can get a free small yogurt on Wednesday. Limit 1
#3 Buy 8 freezer large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax,
#4 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get 5 free large yogurts.
#5 $1 off any Fiber Gourmet pasta. Limit 2

Remember we are here to serve you 7 Days a week.

We know Keto

Dog Days of Summer Are Upon Sugarless deLite

So What are The Dog Days of Summer ?
The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, which Greek and Roman astrology connected with heatdrought, sudden thunderstormslethargyfevermad dogs, and bad luck. They are now taken to be the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sugarless deLite is here to make these days more tasty and cool. So check out these specials.

July 10th - July 15 Specials

#1 Buy 8 large yogurts for only $27.99 plus tax
#2 Ranger Monday. If the Ranger win on Sunday, you can request the Ranger Monday special which is a Free small yogurt. Limit one. 
#3 Yogurt club members can get a Free medium yogurt on Thursday
#4 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $18 bonus. Total add on is $118.
#5 Buy a Coke product from our Coke cooler for only 99 cents. No Limit

We Celebrate the 4th by being here to Serve You

Open July 4th Sugarless deLite will be open July 4th from Noon until 4. We have hamburger buns and tortilla. Freshly baked low carb cookies that are also Gluten Free. Pecan pies would be a great finishing touch to any BBQ. Come on down
Specials July 3rd to July 8
#1 Rangers Monday. If the Texas Rangers win on Sunday, you can request the Ranger special and score a free small yogurt. #2 Yogurt club members can get a free medium on Thursday.Limit 1 #3 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $20 bonus. Total add on is $120 #4 Get Yourself a Coke product from the front cooler for 99 cents. You must ask for the Coke special to get the price.. This special is good for front Coke box only.