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I forgot to post yesterday that the Galaxy Granola Not Sweet Vanilla variety arrived.

Last night, we got to see the first round of the 2008 debates. Unfortunately, there are two more of the Presidential debates and on Vice-Presidential debate. It seems like these are too often a rally cry to the bases rather than an exploration of our options. There was little substance beyond what can already be found on the plans put forth on both of the candidates websites. With such a long election cycle, it seems like we've already heard all of the rhetoric and catch phrases too many times before.

Despite its many faults, I did watch the debate. Like most of the talking heads, I agree that neither of the tow opponents won, but neither did they make any major mistakes. What I would like to see during the debates that might spice things up and make it more informative to the viewers at home is a pop-up fact check. Have independent non-partisan judges put up either clarifications of facts that are misleading, corrections of facts that are slightly fudged, or declaration of a fact as false with the true information presented to the audience. Now this would make debates interesting.

The baseball season is getting ready to bring its regular season to a close after this weekend. I would like to take a moment to congratulate the Tampa Bay Rays on their AL East Division Title. This marks the first time that an American League team has gone from worst to first in their division. This young team has managed to outplay both the Red Soxs and the Yankees in what is arguably the toughest division in baseball. Congratulations and good luck in the playoffs!


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