28 February 2013

Thursday Specials

All Large Freezer Yogurts are $2.99 today instead of $3.99! Limit 6.

27 February 2013

Wednesday Specials

All candies that are regularly $10.99lb will be $7.77lb today! Limit 2lbs.

26 February 2013

Tuesday Specials

New Lower Price on PB2. Only $5.99!!! Double punches today! Limit 2.

25 February 2013

Monday Specials

Try a Root Beer Float! They are regularly $4.62, but you can get one today for $3.29!

23 February 2013

Saturday Specials

Our Gourmet Chocolates are on sale today! They are $14.99lb today instead of $24.99lb. Limit 1lb.

22 February 2013

Friday Specials

Brittles are on sale today! They are regularly $8.99, but today they are $6.99!!! Limit 3.

21 February 2013

Thursday Specials!

It's Parfait Day! Buy 1 at $3.99 Get a 2nd for $2.99. Limit 4 total.

15 February 2013

Friday Specials

Check out our sales table for our post-Valentine's special!!!

14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Sugarless deLite!!!

We are open until 6pm today. You have plenty of time to get a yummy treat for your valentine!

13 February 2013

Wednesday Specials

Buy 4 Fiber Gourmet Pastas get a 5th for $0.99!!!

12 February 2013

Tuesday Specials

Yogurt Cones are $1.79 all day today!!! 

11 February 2013

Monday Specials

Buy 2 Large Yogurts Get a Third for $0.99! Limit 1 discounted.

09 February 2013

Saturday Specials

All candies are $7.77 a pound today instead of the regular price of $10.99 a pound! Limit 2lbs!