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Yogurt is Back ! Our new Machine is In and we hope you are in Too

It's New to Us ! I guess that it is like buying a used car but we are happy to announce the arrival of our "new" yogurt machine. Sugarless deLite brought this machine from the Badger State. It's home was recently a used equipment warehouse . It grew up in a Madison, Wisconsin Marble Slab Creamery but now it has graduated to the Big League here in the DFW area . Come and see our new machine and taste many of our new goodies from our bakery.
October 2- October 7
#1 One last time for 2017. Ranger Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday, you can score a few small yogurt on Monday. The Rangers must win and you must request the Rangers special on Monday. #2 Buy 8 large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax. #3 Yogurt club members can get a few Small on Wednesday #4 Cones on Thursday are only $2.49 plus tax, You must request cone special to get the special price. #5 Welcome back yogurt card Add On Special. Add $100 and get a $25 bonus, Total add on for $100 will add $125 to …

Welcome New Yogurt Machine and Good Bye to Old Reliable

Thirty Years Ago Sugarless deLite opened around 30 years ago with 3 yogurt machines. The last machine will be retired this Monday. We bought the best and most expensive machine in 1989. It was a good choice on machines. Crazy as it may seem, the yogurt machines cost around $15,000 each in 1989. The machine has served us well but it has multiple issues that means it is time to give it one last party.
If you read this blog you can get a Free small yogurt as a Farewell gift for this machine from Sugarless deLite. If you want to eat it and come back, you can do it again. Limit 2 per person. No yogurt is packed to go for free.
You must ask for the Farewell yogurt special Monday to get free yogurt.
Please note
We may have some large yogurts for sell from the back Freezer.
Please check Facebook updates on Yogurt

Seven Days a Week for 29 Years that's Sugarless deLite

Cool Off with these Specials at Sugarless deLite September 18th- September 23
#1 Rangers Sunday. When the Rangers win on Sunday, you win at Sugarless deLite on Monday. A win on Sunday will earn you a free small yogurt on Monday. You must request the Ranger Special. #2 Add $50 to your yogurt card and get a $10 bonus. This is a 10% bonus. Total add on for $50 will get you $60 total. You can add $100 and get a $20 bonus. #3 Yogurt club members can get a free small on Tuesday. Limit 1 #4 Buy 8 large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax #5 Cone Day. Cones are only $2 plus tax this Wednesday. Limit 2 
Remember Thanksgiving is November 23rd and Pie order Forms are now Out

Join Our Yogurt Club for Free Yogurt Every Week

Yogurt Club Members Save 362 Days a Year

A pre-paid yogurt card is the way to go to save money and calories. It's a simple thing to join. For $30, you will receive a free small yogurt club card plus a free small yogurt and a card with $33 worth of yogurt. Then. check out out=r Blog weekly for yogurt club specials.

Not a bad deal at all.Free yogurt on specific days weekly. Check out our Blog for days and details.

September 11- September 16

#1 Rangers Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday. You are a winner on Monday. Request the Rangers Monday special and score a free small yogurt.
#2 Yogurt club members get a free small on Thursday
#3 Cones are only $1.79 on Thursday upon request of Blog special. No Limit
#4.Buy 6 large yogurts for $21,99
#5 $1 off each item on sale rack. No limit . $1 per item unlimited usage.

Sugarless deLite- Open 362 Days a Year for 29 Years-Open Labor Day

We Are Open Labor Day Noon to 4

Monday September 4th to Saturday September 9th

#1 Eight large frozen yogurts for $27.99
#2 Texas Ranger Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday then you win at Sugarless deLite. Get a Free medium yogurt with a Ranger win and asking for the Ranger special.
#3 Yogurt club members get a free Large yogurt on Wednesday. Limit 1
#4 Cones are $1.59 on Tuesday. Limit 2
#5 Add $60 to your yogurt card and get a $10 bonus. Total add on is $70 for a $60 payment
#6 Two Bags of Marshmallows for $4.99 Normally $6. In Store Only. Limit 2

Enjoy your Labor Day from Sugarless deLite