25 December 2016

Make It a Healthy Year with Sugarless deLite

Whether it is low carb, high protein, low calorie or just plain healthy, you can count on Sugarless deLite. Sugarless deLite is glad to be your go to store. Please help us in 2017 by telling a friend about Sugarless deLite. And we thank you.

New Year Eve Hours

We will close at 4 PM  Saturday

December 26th-December 31

#1 Yogurt Club Members get a free small on Wednesday
#2 Buy 8 large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax
#3 Buy a Walden Farm for a $1 off. Limit 2 per day
#4 Add $50 to your yogurt card and get an $8 bonus. Total add on is $58
#5 Cones on Thursday are only $1.79 upon request

18 December 2016

Shop Us for Christmas Until 4 Pm Christmas Eve

Things to Remember Christmas Week at Sugarless deLite

Monday- We are still able to send to most of the US for Christmas with standard shipping rates
Tuesday- Still time to Order from our Christmas baking form for Christmas pick-up dates
Wednesday- Final Call -Still can ship to most of the US
Thursday-Free Small yogurt on request Merry Christmas from Sugarless deLite-Limit 1 No 2 Go
Friday- Open until 6 PM
Saturday Open 10-4 PM. We still have walk-in pie and treats for the Christmas Table
Sunday Merry Christmas to all and to all a Sugarless deLite
Specials December 19-December 24

#1 Free small yogurt Thursday for all Customers upon request Limit One
#2 Eight large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax
#3 Christmas week special add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $25 bonus. Largest add on ever.. Total value added to card for $100 is $125.
#4 Santa Chocolate Pops on stick. Normally $3.99. One dollar off. Your blog special price $2.99
#5 Yogurt Club Members can get a free small yogurt on Friday.

10 December 2016

Still Time to Ship Christmas Gifts from Sugarless deLite

Order Today

Sugarless deLite is open 7 days a week and Christmas is less than two weeks away. and we are ready to serve all your holiday needs. Shop us in store or shop online at sugarlessdelite.com

If it's Chanukah, we are ready to meet your needs. Shop us. Chocolate assortments are hand packed.. Give us a call at 972-644-2000 and let us do the rest.

December 12-Dec 17

#1 Buy 8 large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax
#2 Buy a frozen bag of bagels. Your choice $3.99. Limit One bag. Values to $6.99
#3 Yogurt club members can get a free large yogurt on Friday.. Limit 1
#4 Add $30 to your yogurt card and get a $3 bonus plus a free large yogurt. Limit one add on.
#5 If the Cowboys win on Sunday night, you will win on Monday with a free small yogurt. You must request the Cowboy special

03 December 2016

A Sugarless Christmas Selection that is the Best in the USA

So many choices and only a click away at sugarlessdelite.com ! Just shop, click and pay and Sugarless deLite will do the rest.

Most items can be set up for Christmas as well as Hanukkah . Just include the type of card in your customer comment area and we can do the rest.

. Specials December 5- December 10

#1 Monday December 5 ONLY
    Eight Large Yogurts for $24.99 plus tax
#2 Buy 5 large yogurts $17.99 plus tax
#3 Buy 2 bags of frozen bagels for $9.88. Limit 2. Must be from Freezer
#4 Add $50 to your yogurt card and we will give you a $10 bonus. Total card value $60