17 February 2018

Free Yogurt Every Week ? Join our Sugarless deLite Yogurt Club and Save

Yogurt Club Members Save

Check out our yogurt club prepaid card and save on yogurt, shakes, and floats everyday. For as little as $30, you are a member with all the privileges.You will receive a 10% bonus add on when you join plus get a free small yogurt. This is a $36 plus value for $30. It also makes you eligible for a free yogurt a week as long as you are a current member. Free yogurt day is listed on our blog and Facebook page.

We are glad to answer any questions in the store or online 

Free is good.


February 19th to February 24th

#1 Yogurt club members get a free Medium on Thursday
#2 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $20 bonus. Total add on is $120 for $100
#3 Cone Day or small day is Friday. Get 1 for $2,49 plus tax, Limit 1
#4 Save $1 on a twin pack of Smart Cakes. Normally $4.99. Sale price $3.99. Limit one purchase per day. You may use this every day one time. Limit one per day

12 February 2018

Sugarless deLite has the Best Valentine's in the USA

Valentines Day is Wednesday- February 14th

It is never to late to get the freshest diabetic and Keto friendly chocolates at Sugarless deLite. When your sweetie deserves something not from the drug store, think of the leading sugar free Chocolatier in DFW Sugarless deLite.

February 13- February 17

#1 Buy 8 large yogurts for only $27.9 plus tax
#2 Yogurt club members get a free small on Valentine's Day
#3 Buy 2 large yogurts at regular price and get a 3rd large yogurt for $2 more on Friday. Limit 1 on this offer.
#4 Add $50 to your yogurt card and get a $5 bonus plus a free medium yogurt.

Sugarless deLite salutes the beginning of Spring Training.

 Go Braves

03 February 2018

Keto Friendly Products Available 7 Days a Week

Sugarless deLite Can Help

Whether you are doing Keto, Atkins, Diabetic or any eating lifestyle, Sugarless deLite can help make your journey so much better. With samples of most products readily available, please check us out everyday. We are glad you came

We will close at 5 PM on Super Bowl Sunday .

February 5th to February 10th

#1 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $20 bonus.Total add on is $120 for $100
#2 Cone Day is Thursday with Cones being $2.59 plus tax. Limit 2
#3 Yogurt Club Members get a free medium on Wednesday. Limit 1
#4 If the Super Bowl goes into overtime, ask for the Overtime Special Monday and get a free Large yogurt. Limit 1. You must ask for the overtime special.
#5 Buy 8 packs of Smart cakes in one checkout and get a free Medium yogurt. Limit 2 Free with 16 packs of Smart cakes. A $39.92 purchase gets you a free medium.

27 January 2018

What's Hot a Sugarless deLite- Check Out Our Keto Friendly Brownies

Zero Net Carb Brownies

If you are part of the Keto wave that dieters are embracing throughout the USA, come to Sugarless deLite where we have been making low carb a lifestyle  choice for over 30 years.

With a unique and massive selection of low carb breads, tortillas, chips, pies, and chocolates, we got it all. We sample in store 7 days a week and are pleased to offer you service that get's reviews like this

Mark M. reviewed Sugarless deLite — 5 star
If I could give this place 10 stars I would. The moment I walked in I was greeted by the owner of all people who genuinely inquired about what brought me in, and then spent a lot of time showing me different products and offering samples. They have such a wide variety of low-carb, low sugar options. I was absolutely astounded at the selection, taste, and service I received
Thanks Mark

Come and see us.

January 29th to February 3
#1 Yogurt club members get a free small on Tuesday
#2 Reload $50 on your yogurt card and get a $5 bonus and a free large yogurt. You can double the deal. $100 would get you $110 add on and 2 free large yogurts.
#3 All Cinnamon Swirl Fiber Gourmet Cookies are on sale for 99 cents a bag. Regularly $2.49 a bag..These are not the Thinables but the cookies. This item has been discontinued by Fiber Gourmet.
#4 Apple Pie slices are on sale for $2.99. Limited stock
#5 Buy a medium yogurt for $2.49 plus tax on Wednesday. Limit 1

20 January 2018

Rule # 3 at Sugarless deLite- We Know a lot but not Every Eating Plan

One Size Does not fit All

I'm asked about everyday what is the best diet for "me to do". You know that there is no easy answer to that question. The Keto diet is very popular at this time and I must tell you that daily that I see people with amazing weight losses. Many of these folks have described the plan as the easiest that they have ever done. This is cool but it doesn't mean that it will work for everyone.

I have many customers who are always trying something new. I understand from my own life's experiences that the HOLY GRAIL is hard to find. 

Sugarless deLite is here to recommend and help you with your choices. Let us be your guide and help you find your path. Sugarless deLite does not own any diet plan but can be an honest broker since our only goal is to serve you our customer.

January 22 to January 27

#1 Buy 8 larges for only $27.99 plus tax
#2 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $20 bonus. Total add on for $100 is $120
#3 Yogurt club members get a free small on Thursday
#4 Cone Day on Friday. Cones are $1.79 on request of special.

07 January 2018

Rule # 2 for Sugarless deLite for 2018

Rule #2 from Sugarless deLite-We Sample

Sugarless deLite is not a diet plan but we are a store that stocks one of the countries best selection of products that can help you with your eating lifestyle. We are open 7 days a week and can be shopped online 24/7. 

We have many nutritionally similar items that may match up to many higher priced private label items.

We sample all Walden Farms products as well as hundred of other products.


January 8 to January 13

#1 Yogurt club members can get a free small on Tuesday
#2 Eight large yogurts are on sale for $27.99
#3 Add $50 to your yogurt cart and get a $5 bonus plus a free large yogurt
#4 Buy 3 PIZZA fiber gourmet crackers at regular price and get a 4th pizza free. Limit 2 Free
#5 Cone Day. Get a cone on Thursday for $1.99 plus tax, Cones only

01 January 2018

# 1 Rule of 2018.....Open Everyday from January 2 until Thanksgiving Day

Sugarless deLite has specials listed here and on our Facebook timeline every Sunday, This is a way to save big on yogurt and other items.

All you have to do is request the specific special and save,

Happy New Year from Sugarless deLite
Specials from January 2 to January 6

#1 Happy New Year from Sugarless deLite. Celebrate this Tuesday from 11am to 1pm with a free small yogurt or cone. Limit 1.
#2 Add $50 to your yogurt and get a $10 Bonus.Total add on is $60 for $50.
#3 Yogurt Club members get a free medium on Friday
#4 Russell Stover's chocolate marshmallow Santa are BOGO free. No Limit
#5 Any Freezer Bagels are 2 bags for $9.99. All varieties. Must request New Years Bagel Special