27 December 2015

Happy Healthy New Year from Sugarless deLite

Let's finish the year with all of these specials

Specials good December 28th-January 2nd

#1  All chocolate Santa or Snowmen are $2.99 on request
#2  Santa Pops are $1.99 on request
#3  $1 off the lowest price on items on sale rack
#4  Stock up on Walden Farms. Buy 4 and get 1 free
#5  Yogurt Club Members can get a free small yogury on Wednesday, December 30. Limit one
#6  Yogurt Club add on special. Add $80 and we will give you a $20 bonus. This is a 25% bonus.        Simply put you pay $80 and the total add on value is $100
#7  Eight large yogurts for $27.99

Holidays Hours

New Years Eve closing at 5 pm
Closed New Years Day
Open January 2, 2016 at 10 am and next day we are closed is Thanksgiving Day 2016

20 December 2015

Christmas is Here...Order Your Pies Today

If your holiday table needs some flair &sweetness think of Sugarless deLite. Call us at 972-644-2000
We will have fresh baked items even if you forget to order.

                                                      Holiday Hours

                                           Monday-Wednesday   10 am- 6 pm
                                           Thursday                      10 am- 4 pm
                                            Friday                          Closed Christmas Day

Specials December 21-26th

#1  8 large yogurts $26.99
#2  Yogurt Club Members can get a free medium on Tuesday

13 December 2015

The Best Sugar Free in the USA is Sugarless deLite- 24/7 Shopping online for Christmas

With Christmas days away, there is still time to shop and send nationwide for this holiday. No extra fees to arrive by Christmas . Only regular shipping rates apply. Packages being sent in Texas in many cases can be ordered as late as December 23rd by 2 pm.

Check out our reviews on Yelp and see why Sugarless deLite should be your holiday choice. We create and bake items that only our customers receive. Check this recent post below

5.0 star rating
After looking for ingredients to make sugar free and locarb sweets I finally decided to find a place that sold them to see if I'd actually eat them before spending money on a bunch of ingredients not knowing how it would turn out. Sugarless Delite did not let me down! Everyone in the store was very informative and helpful and they had many samples to try. I ended up buying the no carb sugar free brownies, and the Sierra Delite trail bars. My husband is in love with the brownies and we went back today (a week after my initial visit) and got a box of their cheesecake brownies, some jalapeƱo cheddar crackers and some locarb hamburger buns. Definitely glad to know this place isn't far from our house and they make great desserts for those trying to watch carbs and sugar but still would like to occasionally have something indulgent.
Check us out at www.sugarlesselite.com today

Specials December 14th- December 19th Offers
#1  Eight large yogurts $27.99 
#2  Buy $150 Yogurt Card and get a $30 Yogurt Card Bonus. Total add o $180
#3  Yogurt Club members.Christmas special. Free small yogurts on Monday and Thursday. Limit one         per day

06 December 2015

Sugarlessdelite.com is Available 24/7- Our 27th Christmas

Celebrate the holiday with great gifts from Sugarless deLite. We are not like most other sites that sell sugar free. We bake our own products daily. We hand pack our chocolates in premium packaging.Click or paste the link below and start

Specials December 7- December 12

#1  Buy or add to a $100 Yogurt card and we will make it a $125 with our $25 Bonus
#2  Buy one item on the sale rack at 50% off. Does not include Fiber Gourmet crackers
#3  Free small yogurt on Friday for Yogurt club members
#4  $1 off up to 2 Walden Farms. Regular $4.99. Sale price $3.99-In Store Limit once a week usage

28 November 2015

Countdown Until Christmas at Sugarless deLite

Sugarless deLite has it All

 No one has the selection of Sugarless deLite.We bake our own products and only sale them to you our customers. We package our own chocolates and send them worldwide. This is our 27th year of celebrating the holidays with you. Let us send your friends the best by shopping us at sugarlessdelite.com. 24/7. Call us if you need help at 972-644-2000.

Weekly Specials November 30-December 5

#1  Eight Large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax
#2 Yogurt Club Members can get a free medium on Tuesday and Saturday
#3  Add $50 to your yogurt card and Sugarless deLite will add $10 for free. Total value is $60

22 November 2015

Thanksgiving Countdown

Thanksgiving is only days away and now is the time to order those special treats for your holiday table. Give us a call at 972-644-2000 and let us to the rest. Sugar Free and Gluten free items are available. Sugarless deLite gracing the holiday table for 27 years

Monday-November 23  10 am- 6 pm
Tuesday-November 24  10-am- 6 pm
Wednesday- November 25 10 am- 5 pm
Thursday-November 26-Closed-Thanksgiving Day
Friday-November 27- 10 am- 6 pm

Specials November 23- November 28

#1  Six Large Yogurts $22.99

Black Friday Sales
 #1 Put $100 on your yogurt card and Sugarless deLite will add a $30 bonus. Our largest bonus ever.         Limit $200 add on with $60 bonus
#2  50% Off any one item on the Sale Rack. Does not apply to Fiber Gourmet products.

15 November 2015

Thanksgiving is Closer than you Think ...Sugarless deLite is Ready

Thanksgiving is only days away and now is the time to order those special treats for your holiday table. Give us a call at 972-644-2000 and let us to the rest. Sugar Free and Gluten free items are available. Sugarless deLite gracing the holiday table for 27 years.

Weekly Specials for November 16-21st

#1  8 Large Freezer Yogurts are only $ 27.99 plus tax
#2   Reload your yogurt card with $50 and we will make it $60 Total
#3   Yogurt Club Members get a free large on  Tuesday on request. Limit 1
#4  Spent $30  on sale rack and get a $10 Yogurt card
#5  Save $1 off any single bakery item over $8-Limit one usage a day

08 November 2015

Thanksgiving is in Two Weeks...Pies Ordered Yet?

Thanksgiving is only days away and now is the time to order those special treats for your holiday table. Give us a call at 972-644-2000 and let us to the rest. Sugar Free and Gluten free items are available. Sugarless deLite gracing the holiday table for 27 years.

Weekly Specials for November 9th-4th

#1  8 Large Freezer Yogurts are only $ 27.99 plus tax
#2   Cones  are on sale for $2.49
#3   Yogurt Club Members get a free small on Monday and Thursday on request. Limit 1
#4  Buy a bag of Chocolate Covered Peanuts for $9.99-Limit 2
#5  Save $1 off any single bakery item over $8-Limit one usage a day
#6   Buy 2 loaves of Pumpkin Bread,Chocolate Cake, or Pound cake and get 2 free small yogurts .

24 October 2015

Keep on Trucking at Sugarless deLite

Rick may be out of town for the next couple of weeks but Sugarless deLite will keeping on trucking. As he enjoys some R&R look forward to your wallet having some of that as well. The specials for this week are fantastic and Sugarless deLite will look to keep you trucking all the way to Halloween!
Specials October 25th- November 1st

#1 Buy 6 Large Yogurts for $22.99 plus tax
#2 Add $50 to your yogurt card and we will add a $10 bonus and give you a free small yogurt
#3 Yogurt Cones are on Sale for $2.49 on Halloween- Limit 2
#4 Yogurt Club Members can get a free small on Thursday.
#5 Get a cold Coca-Cola Product for 99 cents

Normal rules apply. Limits apply. Enjoy

Don't Forget to Order your Pies, Cheesecakes, and Cake Loaves for Thanksgiving! 
Just give us a call at 972-644-2000 and place your order with us!

18 October 2015

Health at Every Size- A Different Approach to Eating

Sugarless deLite shares this for your consideration. Sugarless deLite does not recommend any specific eating plan but desires to bring critical thinking to eating.

Health at Every Size

Live healthy without dieting

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Health at Every Size (HAES) is a lifestyle that encourages healthy eating and enjoyable physical activity as a way to feel better and live longer. Unlike other programs, it does not believe weight loss through dieting is the way to become healthy.

Scientific evidence supports this idea. In a 2006 study by researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 78obese women were placed into either the Health at Every Size program or a traditional weight-loss program. Women in the weight-loss program were instructed to eat less, count calories, and exercise more.

The Health at Every Size group was encouraged to eat when they were hungry and to appreciate the feeling of fullness, to make healthy food choices, and to find a style of physical activity that was most enjoyable for them. They were not given a list of "forbidden foods," nor were they told to exercise to lose weight. They were also given techniques to build their self-esteem and to increase the confidence they had in their bodies.

After two years, both groups weighed approximately the same. The women in the weight-loss group lost some weight after six months, but regained it after two years. The women in the Health at Every Size group had healthier blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and were more physically active than the dieting group.

The study's results came as no surprise to Linda Bacon, researcher and author of Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight. Bacon holds a Ph.D. in physiology with a focus on nutrition and weight regulation.

"Health at Every Size is about taking care of your body without worrying about whether you're ‘too’ big or small," she says. "People might think they can tell who's fit and who's not by looking at them, but in fact, it's trickier than that. Lots of people are fat and fit—many avid dancers, runners, lifters, and sports team members are big to start with and stay that way. They tend to be far healthier than thin people who don't move around much or eat a nutritious mix of foods.

“Saying everybody needs to be the same weight is like saying all people should be the same height."

Diets Don’t Work

Your body's weight is determined by genetics. Like height or skin color, weight and body type vary from person to person. A person's ideal weight range is called their set-point weight

Your set-point weight is controlled by a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus regulates the body's feeling of hunger and satiety—the full feeling you get after you've eaten a meal. One of the jobs of the hypothalamus is to keep you as close to your set-point weight as possible.

When you go on a diet and lose weight, your hypothalamus interprets the sudden weight loss as a problem somewhere in the body. It will do whatever it can to get you back to your set-point weight. The hypothalamus will release hormones to increase yourappetite. It will slow down your metabolism, so you don't lose weight quickly. It will even make you feel morelethargic, or sluggish, and less likely to exercise. 

Dieting can backfire by resetting your set-point weight at a higher level, to protect your body against the sudden changes of future diets.

"No one who diets is fit,” Bacon says, “because dieting hurts your metabolism, and your metabolism determines how your body uses energy.

“But diets not only don't work—they're making us fat. Scientific studies show that if your weight 'yo-yos,' if it goes up and down a lot, that leads to long-term weight gain, especially when you're young. Teens' and preteens' metabolisms are trying to figure out what their adult pattern will be. Diets interfere with that. People with stable weights, even high ones, often enjoy better health than dieters and ex-dieters."

Fat Isn’t the Problem

In 2004, the Journal of the American Medical Associationreported that 400,000 obese and overweight Americans die every year. That's the information it got from theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

However, the CDC later learned that the methods by which it got those numbers were faulty. When it re-did the report with better methods and new data, just 26,000 overweight or obese people a year died—fewer than the number who died due to guns, alcohol, or car accidents. The deaths were typically from people who had a body mass index (BMI)—a measure of body fat based on height and weight—greater than 35. Most overweight people are in the lower range, from 30 to 35.

In fact, life expectancy in the United States has risen—along with the obesity rate—from 70.8 years in 1970 to 78.2 in 2009. In its revised study, the CDC found that overweight people actually live longer, with 86,000 fewer deaths in the overweight category than in the normal weight category. And underweight people died more often than either overweight or obese people, suggesting that the thinnest people in the U.S. may be at a greater health risk.

In Health at Every Size, Bacon writes, "Many well-meaning scientists and medical practitioners are misled about the ill effects of being heavy. There is clearly a correlation between obesity and certain diseases and conditions, likediabetes or hypertension, but that doesn't mean being fat causes these conditions. It may be that whatever causes the diabetes also causes people to gain weight.

“To help explain this, one example I like deals with baldmen and heart disease: Influential studies show that men with hair loss are more likely to have heart attacks. Does that mean going bald causes heart attacks? And can keeping your hair (or getting hair transplants) protect against cardiovascular disease? Well, of course not! After research and analysis, the baldness-heart risk association still isn't totally clear, but it appears that testosterone—which can cause both baldness and heart problems—is a likely culprit.

“In other words, fat isn’t the problem. When we see diseases that are more common in fatter people, it’s more about what they’re doing, than they’re fat. So the key is to make healthy changes in what you do and stop worrying so much about weight."

Health at Every Size

Health at Every Size focuses on health, not weight, as anindicator of your overall well-being. But if weight isn't a measurement of our overall health, how do we know we're healthy?

Bacon says, "Weight distracts us, and this focus results in poor medical care for everyone. 'Normal weight' people—who may have poor health habits and disease—don’t get good diagnoses or support for changing habits, which may catch up with them. People in the overweight and obese categories get stigmatized, encouraged in restrictive eating—even if they may actually have great health habits to begin with. Perhaps this could be a better focus for medical care—interviewing people about whether they have social support and manage stress well, whether they are regularly active, if they eat well.

"What's good for thin kids, fat kids and everyone in between, it turns out, is moving their bodies and a healthy mix of foods that taste good and nourish our bodies. Finding activity you enjoy might mean sports or workouts, but it could also be walking, jumping rope with friends, or dancing.

“With eating, Health at Every Size calls for intuitive eating. This means learning to listen to your body so you can recognize when you're hungry and when you're full, and what foods satisfy you. You don’t get as many nutrients from food when you don’t enjoy it, so do take care to choose foods you love. Sugar and candy can taste great, but they don’t give you other nutrients your body needs, and you’ll find that you can get grumpy, tired, and don’t do so well in school if that’s all you eat. And if you skip the fruit and veggies, you’ll probably find yourself struggling in the bathroom too long, so you don’t want to avoid those. So mix it up and get a range of nutrients in you to keep your body function best and to keep you most alert and in a good mood.  Experiment with food to see which ones make you feel best."

Bacon also recommends trying a range of foods to find ones that you enjoy. "What I find even more interesting is that research supports that people actually absorb more nutrients from meals that appeal to them than from meals they find less appetizing.

“In one interesting study, researchers fed a traditional Thai meal of rice and vegetables spiked with chili paste, fish sauce, and coconut cream to two groups of women, one Swedish and one Thai. The Thai women, who presumably liked the meal better than the Swedish women, absorbed 50 percent more iron from the same food than the Swedish women. And when the meal was blended together and turned to an unfamiliar and unpalatable paste, the Thai women’s absorption of iron from the meal decreased by 70 percent! So choking down the plate of steamed broccoli (if you hate steamed broccoli) is not likely to do you as much good as you think. Enjoying your food is an important nutritional practice."

The Health at Every Size plan doesn't put restrictions on the foods a person eats. Rather, it places more trust in the person to select foods that are right for them, and to stop eating when they feel full. Bacon says, "Have you ever noticed that, when you hear you can't have something—like ice cream, say, or chips—you want it all the more? Health at Every Size gets rid of 'in' and 'out' lists for food. If we trust our bodies and learn to listen to our appetites, they'll lead us to a healthy mix of foods and signal when we've had enough. When you can eat what you want and need, cravings and the munchies aren't such a problem, and you're no longer in danger of eating out of control."

Bacon writes, "What no one needs, at any size, is to feel bad about how they look or what they weigh. People who live by Health at Every Size ideas tend to feel better about themselves, and that can lead to better health, too, with less stress and disordered eating."

Specials October 19th- October 24th

#1 Buy 7 Large Yogurts for $24.99 plus tax
#2 Add $75 to your card and we will add a $10 bonus and give you a free large yogurt
#3 Chocolate peanut cluster that are normally $26.99 a pound. You may buy one pound for $14.99. This is a savings of $12.00 a pound. You must buy one pound. This is for a pound minimum and a pound maximum. Limit 1 pound
#4 Yogurt Club Members can get a free small on Monday and/or Tuesday.

Normal rules apply. Limits apply. Enjoy

11 October 2015

Thanksgiving is Coming and Sugarless deLite is Ready

Thanksgiving deLite from Sugarless deLite

 Thanksgiving is on Thursday November 26th and Sugarless deLite is getting ready. Our holiday forms are already out and orders are being taken. If you need low carb, sugar free and gluten free all in one pie, Sugarless deLite has all of that in one pie.

Click on the link below to print the 2015 Thanksgiving Order form. You can call in your order. We do not take pre-payment and you can order or cancel with a phone call to 972-644-2000.


Check Out this Weeks Specials- October 12- October October 17

#1  Add $50 to your yogurt card and it will become a $60 total. This is a $10 bonus
#2  Fiber Gourmet Honey Mustard Crackers dated October 30. Buy one and get one Free. No Limit
#3  Yogurt Club members get a free small on Thursday.Limit 1
#4  Texas Rangers Monday Special. If the Rangers win on Sunday night. You can get a small yogurt for $2.00 plus tax. Limit one on request

#5  Any Coke product for 99 cents. Limit 1
Limits apply.No double dipping of combining yogurt specials. Enjoy

05 October 2015

State Fair Blues?

So, were the Corny dogs good ? Did the fried butter really taste good ? Well, you can always come back home to Sugarless deLite.

As a welcome back promotional, we will exchange 2 fair food coupons for a small yogurt. Not a bad deal for 2 coupons that were left in your pocket. Offer good until October  10th.

October 5th- October 10th Specials

#1 Six Large Freezer Yogurts are $22.99 plus tax
#2 Yogurt Club Members get a free small on Friday. Limit 1
#3 Add $100 to your Everything card and you get the following for free
          1 box Fiber Gourmet Honey Mustard Cracker
          1 box Fiber Gourmet Garlic Herb Crackers
          1 Item on Sale rack Free
          1 Small yogurt
          1 Free Coke product from Coke Box
#4 $1 Off  any Walden Farms Product- Limit 1 per day

Normal Rules Apply. Limits Apply

27 September 2015

Fall has Arrived at Sugarless deLite

Sugarless deLite is Ready

The evenings are a little cooler and the afternoon is a little less punishing. Fall for Dallas has arrived.
We have those great flavor syrups that say the fall like pumpkin and gingerbread.
We also have a great selection of Hot Coco mixes and Chai tea concentrates

Thanksgiving Pie Forms are Available 

Our holiday forms are available for pick up in store, on Facebook, @ Sugarlessdelite.com or by calling our store at 972-644-2000

Specials September 28-October 3

#1  Eight Large Yogurts are $28.99 plus tax
#2  Add $50 to your Yogurt Card and we will add a $8 bonus and give you a free medium yogurt
#3  Fiber Gourmet Honey Mustard Crackers. Buy 3 Boxes and get 2 free of same
#4  Yogurt club members can get a fre small yogurt on Thursday on request.
#5  $1 of a single Walden Farm Product. Limit one

Normal rules apply. Limits apply. Enjoy

25 September 2015

State Fair Open...What a Great Time to Run to Sugarless deLite

With temperatures in the high DFW area are so hot Big Tex is a blaze. Cool down at Sugarless deLite

Specials Monday September 21 st- Saturday 26 th

#1  6 large Yogurts $20.99
#2  Yogurt Club Members get a free small yogurt on Wednesday
#3  Fiber Gourmet Cracker Special on Honey Mustard buy 3 and get 2 Boxes Free.
#4  Get a cold drink from our Coke box for 99 cents
#5  Cones are on Sale for $2.49 plus tax- Limit 1
Normal rules apply. Limits apply. Specials are not posted in store but are available online a sugarlessdelite.com and Facebook

20 September 2015

Pass the Word on Sugarless deLite and Pass the Love on !

I am told daily by many customers that a friend told them about our little store. I say to you great people "Thank You". Without you our customers passing the word, Sugarless deLite would not exist. The internet helps, newspaper ads, social media and more outlets are all ways that people learn about us. Yet our customers are Sugarless deLite's best tool in our growth. So tell everyone that we are open
Word of Mouth
 362 days a year and come on down.We are glad you are here.

Sugarless deLite is Part of the Community

We have  employed over 200  students and other local folk in 27 years.. Students from UTD have made up most of our staff over the last 15 years. We have many non-students that work for us that are outstanding people.

Our staff takes the money they earn and shop and spend in the Richardson area. By supporting our store you invest in good health by things you buy and you in turn support our hard working staff .

Thanks for investing with your neighbors at Sugarless deLite
Specials Monday September 21 st- Saturday 26 th

#1  6 large Yogurts $20.99
#2  Yogurt Club Members get a free small yogurt on Wednesday
#3  Fiber Gourmet Cracker Special on Honey Mustard buy 3 and get 2 Boxes Free.
#4  Get a cold drink from our Coke box for 99 cents
#5  Cones are on Sale for $2.49 plus tax- Limit 1
Normal rules apply. Limits apply. Specials are not posted in store but are available online a sugarlessdelite.com and Facebook.

13 September 2015

Reaching Your Eating Goals with Sugarless deLite

Why Sugarless deLite ?
 As I helped customers at the store on Saturday, they commented to comment on how they had not seen our "grocery" selection anywhere else in their shopping. Sugarless deLite is unique. We are not part of a chain and need no corporate approval to expand our selection. We do not sell shelf space or get benefits from vendors to sell their products. We exist for our customers and employees to be the best. We are friendly faces that serve our neighbors and in many cases customers for over 25 years.

Thanks for making Sugarless deLite one of the longest continuously operating sugar free store in the USA.  

Specials- September 14-19th

#1  Eight large frozen yogurts from freezer for $25.99 plus tax
#2  Add $100 to your yogurt card and we will give a $20 bonus
#3  Sale on Fiber Gourmet selected flavors ends Wednesday. Limit to Honey Mustard, Chili Limon, and Garlic Herb. Buy 2 and get one free of same.
#4  Yogurt club members get a free small on Wednesday on request.
#5  Save $1 per bottle on DaVinci syrups. Limit 2 . Must request sale price.

Normal rules apply. Please check our blog, Facebook, Instagam, and social media for specials. Specials are for Social media only and not available by calling store or asking in store. Please play by the rules.

Happy New Year

07 September 2015

Chill With the Crowd at Sugarless deLite this Labor Day

Labor Day Needs

  Sugarless deLite is here to meet your grilling needs this Labor Day with the best BBQ sauce from Hallman's and the best low carb Hamburger buns from WiO foods. We will be open from 10 am -5 pm to serve you.

Check Out this Weeks Specials-September 6-11

#1 Get 8 Large freezer yogurts for $25.99 plus tax
#2 Buy any Walden Farms products for $1 off each. Limit 2 per day
#3 Load or reload your yogurt  card by adding $50 and we will turn that $50 card into $60 and give you a free small yogurt.
#4 Choose one item sale rack  for 50% off lowest marked price- Limit One
#5 $1 of any cake piece $5 or more. Limit One
#6 Yogurt Club members get a free Medium yogurt on Saturday

Normal rules apply. Limits apply

05 September 2015

Open Labor Day- German Chocolate Cake Yogurt is In

Labor Day Needs

  Sugarless deLite is here to meet your grilling needs this Labor Day with the best BBQ sauce from Hallman's and the best low carb Hamburger buns from WiO foods. We will be open from 10 am -5 pm to serve you.

Check Out this Weeks Specials-September 6-11

#1 Get 8 Large freezer yogurts for $25.99 plus tax
#2 Buy any Walden Farms products for $1 off each. Limit 2 per day
#3 Load or reload your yogurt  card by adding $50 and we will turn that $50 card into $60 and give you a free small yogurt.
#4 Choose one item sale rack  for 50% off lowest marked price- Limit One
#5 $1 of any cake piece $5 or more. Limit One
#6 Yogurt Club members get a free Medium yogurt on Saturday

Normal rules apply. Limits apply

30 August 2015

Specials to Welcome September- Open Labor Day Monday, September 7th 10 am-5pm

We are One !

People always ask us about where Sugarless deLite's others stores are and we say that we are one of a kind. Some people tell us that they drive real far to see us. We appreciate all of our customers who come from near and far. We have visitors from most parts of the state and from around the country and the world.

Being a one of the kind, Sugarless deLite needs you to spread the word to your friends far and near. We are available 24/7 online at sugarlessdelite.com. Be sure to review us on Social media and check out for specials on Facebook.

Specials on Fiber Gourmet Crackers

Fiber Gourmet is updating their packaging and now is a time to save. The Chile Limon, Garlic Herb and Honey Mustard crackers are on sale. Buy 2 boxes of these and get a 3rd box free.

Specials August 31- September 5

#1  Buy 6 Large yogurts for $19.99  plus tax
#2  Yogurt Club Members get a free small yogurt on Friday-Limit One
#3  Monday Only-Coconut Cream Pie Walk in Special-Regularly $19.99. Today $10.99-Limit to      stock on hand. No phone orders. No Pre-orders
#4  Chocolate Peanut Clusters that are regularly $26.99 a pound. On request $ 13.49 a pound. Limit 2 pounds. Minimum at this price is 1/2 pound

Limits apply. All specials are subject to inventory on hand.

23 August 2015

Tracking to Good Choices with Sugarless deLite

.So, summer vacations are behind us and another school year is upon us. This is a time that we pause and redirect our eating. Sugarless deLite can help you reach your eating goals. While our name includes the word sugarless, we are a lot more. With low carb, low calorie, low fat, high protein, and more, Sugarless deLite is healthy eating emporium for people who want more than nuts and sprouts.
Now in our 27th Year

Open 7 days a week. Check us out.

Specials August 24th- August 29th

#1 Add $100 to your yogurt card and we will add a $20 bonus.
#2 Yogurt Club members can get a free large yogurt on Wednesday.Limit 1
#3 Buy 2 Fiber Gourmet Boxes of Garlic Herb Crackers and get a third free.-Limit One free
#4 $1 off a 4 pack of Boylan's soda-Limit 1
You may use every special everyday. You can use all specials in one visit. Limits apply

16 August 2015

Specials for " People who are not Going Back to School" and for " Those Going Back to School"

Back to School and Back on Track

         So the summer is about over or at least the kids are heading back to school soon. The end of the summer also seems that it is time to get back to our regular routines.Some of us get back to eating on track and the exercise times,while not fun to me, seem a little less punishing.
 Let Sugarless deLite be your resource to great products that no one else carries.

  Western Bagel-Perfect 10 Bagels with 19 Grams of Protein and only 10 grams of Carbs

This Weeks Specials-August 17th- Augut 22nd

#1  Yogurt Club Members can get a Free Small on Monday and Friday
#2  Eight large freezer yogurts are on sale for $25.99 plus tax
#3  On request buy any cake loaf for $15.99 regularly $19.99.

#4  $2 off WiO rolls Monday only

Normal rules apply. Yogurt cards must have enough balance to qualify for use on special #2.

09 August 2015

Check Out These Specials and Save

If you are getting back from the beach and you want to get your eating back on track think of Us. We are fluent in your eating plan. We don't tell you what to eat, we offer you choices. Sugarless deLte

Check Out the WiO foods low carb tortillas with 16 calories. Weight Watcher friendly and taste great

Specials- August 10- August 16

#1-  Get 6 Large Freezer yogurts for  $19.99 plus tax
#2-  Yogurt Club members can get a free Medium yogurt on Wednesday-Limit one
#3-  Buy a pound of Chocolate peanut clusters at regular price and get a second pound for only $5.
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02 August 2015

Specials and FYI on Artifical Sweetners

Sugarless deLite shares thoughts and information that we feels may be helpful to our customers.
This is not an endorsement but for your information

CreditYarek Waszul
In the last few years, I’ve watched a continuing battle among my friends about which is worse for you: artificial sweeteners or sugar. Unless you want to forgo all beverages that are sweet, you’re going to run into one of these. Rather than rely on anecdote or myth, we can inform this debate with research.
The available evidence points to the fact that there appears to be a correlation between sugar consumption and health problems; none can be detected with artificial sweeteners.
Let’s start with artificial sweeteners. These have, for decades, been attacked as harmful chemicals. But everything is a “chemical,” and not all of them are bad for us. One of the oldest artificial sweeteners is saccharin. Starting in the 1980s, Congress mandated that any product containing it be accompanied by the following: “Use of this product may be hazardous to your health. This product contains saccharin, which has been determined to cause cancer in laboratory animals.”
But what was the basis for this decision? A review article published in The Annals of Oncology in 2004 noted that more than 50 studies had been published looking at saccharin in rats. Twenty of these were “one generation” studies, meaning that they did not look at the rats’ offspring. Inonly one of those studies did huge amounts of saccharin produce cancer, and it was in a type of rat that is frequently infected with a bladder parasite that would leave it susceptible to saccharin-induced bladder cancer.
But “two-generation studies,” in which rats were fed lots of saccharin and their offspring were, too, found that bladder cancer was significantly more common in second-generation rats. That prompted many countries to act.
There was a problem, though. This link has never been confirmed in humans. Moreover, it turns out that some rats are just more likely to get bladder cancer. Feed them large amounts of vitamin C, and they get bladder cancer. Studies in humans in BritainDenmarkCanada and in theUnited States could find no association between saccharin consumption and bladder cancer once they accounted for cigarette smoking (which does cause it).
Based on these newer studies, saccharin was removed from the carcinogen list in 2000. But by that time, opinions were set. It did little to make anyone feel safe.
Other artificial sweeteners haven’t fared any better. Aspartame was introduced in the United States around the time that saccharin began taking a beating. The initial studies showed that aspartame didn’t cause cancer in animals, so it was deemed safer than saccharin. But in 1996, a study was published in The Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology titled “Increasing Brain Tumor Rates: Is There a Link to Aspartame?
Most people ignored the question mark. Instead, they noted that the paper stated that (1) brain cancer had become more common from 1975 to 1992 and (2) that more people had started consuming aspartame recently.
There were any number of problems with this logic. Most of the increase in cancer was in people 70 years and older, who were not the main consumers of aspartame. And because aspartame was approved in 1981, blaming it for a rise in tumors in the 1970s seems impossible. Finally, much more comprehensive studies couldn’t find links. These included a case-control study from The Journal of the National Cancer Institute of children and a cohort study of more than 450,000 adults in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention.
Some people still point to later rat studies with aspartame as concerning, but these are highly contested. More important, as we’ve seen from saccharin, there are also big differences between rats and humans.
A 1998 randomized controlled trial could detect no neuropsychologic, neurophysiologic or behavioral effects caused by aspartame. Even a dose at 10 times the normal consumption had no effect on children with attention deficit disorder. A safety review from 2007, published in Critical Reviews in Toxicology, found that aspartame had been studied extensively and that the evidence showed that it was safe.
It is true that people with phenylketonuria, a rare genetic disorder, need to limit their consumption of aspartame, since phenylalanine is one of its components. But for most people, aspartame isn’t a concern, even outside of cancer. It’s also true that some of the sugar alcohol sweeteners, like sorbitol or mannitol, can have a laxative effect or cause bloating when eaten in large amounts by some people. In normal use by most people, though, all of the approved artificial sweeteners are safe.
But what about sugar? We should acknowledge that when I, and many others, address sugar in contexts like these, we are talking about added sugars, not the naturally occurring sugars or carbohydrates you find in things like fruit. Those are, for the most part, not the problem. Addedsugars are.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that children are consuming between 282 calories (for girls) and 362 calories (for boys) of added sugars per day on average. This means that more than 15 percent of their dietary caloric intake is from added sugars. Adults are doing slightly better, but not by much. This consumption isn’t distributed equally, however. For instance, about half of people consume no sweetened drinks at all. The next 25 percent consume about 200 calories per day from sugar drinks. The top 5 percent of people, though, consume more than 560 calories a day, or more than four 12-ounce cans of soda.
Epidemiologic studies have found that even after controlling for other factors, a population’s intake of added sugars is associated with thedevelopment of type 2 diabetes, with a 1.1 percent increase in prevalence for each can of sugar-sweetened soda consumed on average per day. A study following people for an average of more than 14 years published last year in JAMA Internal Medicine found that those in the highest quintile of added sugar consumption had more than twice the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those in the lowest quintile, even after controlling for many other factors.
The accompanying editorial noted that the increased risk of death began once a person consumed the equivalent of one 20-ounce Mountain Dew in a 2,000-calorie diet, and reached more than a fourfold increase if people consumed more than one-third of their diet in added sugars.
It should come as no surprise that the intake of added sugars is significantly associated with body weight. A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, published in BMJ 2012, found that sugar intake increased both fat and overall weight. Another meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013, found that sugar-sweetened beverages alone cause body weight to go up in adults. In comparison, ameta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of artificial or low-calorie sweeteners published last year in the same journal found that their use led to lower body weight and less overall fat.
When I argue these facts with my friends, they want to know if I put my money where my mouth is. I do. My wife and I limit our children’s consumption of soda to around four to five times a week. When we let them have soda, it’s almost always caffeine-free, because we want them to sleep. It’s also almost always sugar-free. There’s a potential, and probably real, harm from consuming added sugars; there are most likely none from artificial sweeteners.
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