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Dottie's Kitchen has Onion Rings this Week- Open Easter Sunday Noon to 3 Pm

We enjoyed sharing our Wio “recipes-of-the-week” with Sugarless deLite
Recipe:  For onion rings:  cut a large onion into 1/4 inch slices and separate into rings. Dip each onion ring into seasoned Wio Smart Flour mixture (salt, pepper, cumin & garlic or onion powder to taste); then dip ring into egg beaters (or whisked egg whites) and then back into flour mixture.  Shake off excess. Place onto a large plate or tray, and spritz with olive oil. Fry rings in a Philips air fryer @ 360 degrees for approx 4 to 5 minutes until brown & crispy.  For Zucchini fries, cut zucchini lengthwise into 1/2 inch wide lengthwise strips and prepare as above. Variation: can substitute cumin with curry powder, chili powder, etc.
Bon appetit!
Dottie & Tony

Easter Sunday
Open on In -Noon-3PM

In Honor of the NCAA Final 4-Check Out this Weeks Four Specials

Sugarless deLite always looks for a way to celebrate so cash in on these four offers

Good March 29th-April 3rd

# 1 Buy 5 Large freezer yogurts for $15.99 plus tax
#2  Buy any one item off the sale Rack for 1/2 off lowest price. Limit one per day
#3  Peanut Cluster sale-Regularly $26.99 a pound. First pound $26.99 and second pound of same $5.
#4  20 ounce Coke products only 99 cents

Normal rules. You must request sale price. We will not provide sale information in store on request. Folks, this is social media promotions. Check your phone LOL. Limits apply.

Open Easter Sunday

Noon-3pm. Hop on In for a great pie or last minute Easter goodies

Welcome Spring Sale

Yogurt Machine Update

So our second yogurt machine finally stopped working. It served us well for 25 years and now it is unrepairable. A newer machine is on the way. Check out the blog to see pictures of its arrival.

Specials March 23-March 28

#1  Pay $50 and Sugarless deLite will add $10 to your yogurt card making it a $60 card
#2  Buy a large yogurt and get a second one for $ 1.59. Limit 1
#3  Buy 8 large freezer yogurts for $26.99 plus tax
#4  Buy a $100 all purpose Gift card and Sugarless deLite will add a $20 Bonus, Total card $120

Normal rules apply. Limit one offer a day. Cards purchased are good the next business day.

Great Specials for the Week Ending March 21

Our Specials will sing a happy tune

Check out these Specials Good until Saturday March 21
#1- 6 Freezer Large Yogurts for $19.99 plus tax
#2 Pay $40 and we will add $50 to your yogurt card
#3 Buy a small yogurt and get a second for 99 cents
Normal Rules-Limit One Special a Day

Hope That Was the Last Winter Blast.... No UPS

With a great deal of effort over the last two weeks, Sugarless deLite has opened everyday; UPS has failed us numerous times.

WiO rolls,tortillas and hamburger buns should be in on Monday. Check our Facebook page for updates.
Check out our Easter selection on our website. It will be up on Monday, March 9th. Sugarless deLite is always looking for the best in sugar free from places all over the country.

No sugar free Peeps this year. I called the manufacturer and they said that due to productions issues that no sugar free Easter Peeps were being made. Be aware if you find some they are not made for 2015, since none were made.

March 9-March 14 Specials

Cupcake Monday- Any remaining cupcakes are 99 each Monday. No special orders

#1  Six Freezer large yogurts are $18.49 plus tax

#2  Walden Farms are $1.00 off per jar when you buy 5. This would be $3.99 times 5

#3  Cones are $1.99 on request. Limit 2

New Products Daily at Sugarless deLite

This is just one of the new Maltitol Free and Gluten free products from Healthsmart foods at Sugarless deLite. These are low carb and Weight Watcher friendly with 10 grams of protein,

Bars come 5 per box and are only $8.99. They come in other varieties including yellow cake, red velvet and more.

Weekly Specials March 2-March 7

#1 Cupcake Monday - 99 Cents Cupcake Day- No Pre-orders-Stock on hand

#2 Eight large Freezer yogurts are only $24.99 plus tax

#3 Cream Pie Sale Pre-Order Price $16.99. Regularly $19.99. Must preorder for this price and order a day in advance, Chocolate,Coconut, and Key Lime

#4 Add $30 to your yogurt card for $25

Normal rules, Limit one special a day

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Orange Vanilla and Chocolate Cookie Dough