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Is July Really about Over ? Specials

Great Savings for July 27th- August 1st

#1  Save $1 per jar on each Walden Farm product. Limit 2 per day
#2  Yogurt Club Members can get a free small yogurt on Tuesday
#3  Buy an everything gift card for $100 and we will make it $120. In Store Only
#4  buy 6 large yogurts for $19.99 plus tax
#5 Buy 2 Fiber Gourmet Honey Mustard Crackers at regular price and get a third of same for $1.99

Normal rules apply. Limits apply. No double dipping

Yogurt Update

Plenty of Orange Vanilla Yogurt in Freezer

Random Thoughts for the Dog Days of Summer

Eating Choices

      My family and I were on a recent trip. We were at a place called Claim Jumpers, good food chain on the West Coast. It was lunch time. Really, a late lunch and I didn't want any lunch food. I had been to Claim Jumpers many times and always looked at their carrot cake. So I made a first time in my life decision, No lunch, just a piece of Carrot cake.

Some may say that this was not a good choice...very unhealthy...bad self control. I say the opposite. I did not want a grilled chicken breast or salad or fish, I wanted a piece of Claim Jumpers carrot cake. It was a choice based on what I wanted. No decoy meal ordered and then ordering a piece of cake to "share" but a real honest choice.

I loved the cake and did share it.

It was strange for me because I never in 60 years had done this. I did not feel guilty because it was what I wanted. Since I watch what I eat most of the time and choose wisely, this was not anything but another choice. Not good or bad b…

Rick's Away Blog Specials

Pull up a car and enjoy these summer specials at Sugarless deLite

Specials Week of July 13- July 18

#1  Buy 4 Fiber gourmet $5.99 Cracker boxes and get a 5th for box for 99 Cents
#2  Yogurt Club Special  6 large yogurts for $19.49 plus tax,
#3  Add $ 100 to your yogurt card and we will make it $130
#4  Buy any Walden Farms product for $1 off. Limit 2 per day

Limits apply. No double dipping. Use social media. This is not posted in store.

Make It an All-Star Summer with Sugarless deLite

All Star Savings

If you are a regular of Sugarless deLite, you know that we are the lovers of the Boys of Summer and baseball. While most in the Metroplex are  24/7 Cowboys fans, we at Sugarless deLite are big Atlanta Braves fans. So if you are reading this and take advantage of any of the specials below, we have a bonus for you. Purchase a special and identify Rick as a Atlanta Braves fan and he will give you a free small yogurt. Remember, you must purchase a weekly special to get  a  Bonus small.

Specials Week of July 6- July 11

#1  Buy 4 Fiber gourmet $5.99 Cracker boxes and get a 5th for box for 99 Cents
#2  Yogurt Club Special - Your Yogurt card must have an existing balance to cover the purchase. Buy up to 8 large freezer yogurts for  $3.00 each plus tax,
#3  Add $50 to your yogurt card and we will make it  a $58 add on
#4  Buy one pecan pie at regular price and get a second for $14.99. You may choose LEC or Millennium Pies. Pies must be purchased in one visit. No a mail order …