17 September 2008

It's Electric

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Coffee Royal, Grasshopper (Mint Flavor), Raspberry Cheesecake, and Peach.

Cone Day! All cones are only $2.08 today (regularly $2.77) when you ask for the special today.

We now have our PB2 back in stock! We've gotten a full load in today so we have plenty for the weekend.

GM announced its newest car yesterday at its 100 anniversary celebration. The Chevrolet Volt is going to probably end up being on of the most talked about cars over the next two years. Scheduled for a 2010 production date, it will have time to become a household name. Already, there has been much anticipation about the project.

At first look, I think that the car has a nice overall design. Although, the design does appear to follow the recent models from the Japanese automobile industry. It is supposed to be the most areodynamic car that GM has ever designed. It will be interesting to see what people think of the looks since it does not even resemble the concept version.

Still, the ability to go 40 miles without gas is pretty neat. I think that they could have done more if GM had not been so short sighted and killed the EV1 project. Nevertheless, it will be nice to have the option in the future to get a car of this sort. Moreover, Toyota has announced that they are working to bring their own version of battery powered car to the market by 2010 or 2011. This means that there will be competition in the market and that is a good thing for everyone.

Quiz Day: The Umbrella Test

What Your Blue Umbrella Says About You

When faced with adversity, you can be counted on.

You rise to the occasion when things are tough, and you are very dependable.

You are cool and laid back. Everyone finds you easy to get along with.

You are a good communicator and conversationalist. People pour their hearts out to you.

On a rainy day: you should spend the day catching up with your closest friends


Traivor said...

What Your Purple Umbrella Says About You

When faced with adversity, you remain together and graceful.
You are very balanced, and it's hard for you to let yourself get too down.

You are brainy and philosophical. It's hard for you to lose your broad perspective on life.
You accept things as they are. You don't try to change anything that can't be changed.

On a rainy day: you should spend the day reading

sealegs said...

What Your Black Umbrella Says About You

When faced with adversity, you respond with authority. You don't let problems faze you.
You are naturally powerful and commanding. People look to you to take charge.

You are elegant and classy. You know how to always say and do the right thing.
While you stand out, you also fit it. You thrive in a variety of situations.

On a rainy day: you carry on as normal - a little bad weather isn't going to get in your way!