04 August 2008

Early Morning

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, French Vanilla, Chocolate Malt, Peanut Butter, Angel Food Cake.

Cake Piece Special: Come in and ask for the special to get any cake piece for 50% their regular price (limit 2).

The good thing about running in the morning is that, if you wake up early enough, it is actually tolerable. Unfortunately, I was was only up early enough for the first part of my run. By the second stretch, the Sun had started its climb and the temperature started to rise. Nevertheless, the run went well and it should be part of my new morning schedule which I am slowly adjusting to.

Sunday ended up being a bit more relaxing than we planned as both Erica and I slept through our alarms on Sunday morning. The rest of the day was spent in Arlington celebrating Erica's grandfather's birthday. We had a wonderful dinner at the Candlelite Inn and then relaxed at her parents home. After we got home, we did a little house keeping and finally got both of our diplomas hung. The evening finished with and episode of Doctor Who leaving us with only 6 more to go in the second season.

Puzzler: Count Me In

How many time does the following shape appear in the box above?

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