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My friends and I played trivia last night at Trinity Hall, but I found myself frequently distracted by the Olympic coverage that was on the big screen directly in front of me. During trivia, the women's gymnastics team looked very human with mistakes that seemed to compound each other. However, they pulled it together in the end and qualified for the team finals in second place behind the host team.

When we got home from trivia, the 400M freestyle relay was just getting ready to begin. What a race it was! The build up to the race saw the French team saying that they were going to "smash" the American team. The finish saw team USA coming from behind in the last 25M to just pass the French and to destroy the World Record by 3.99 seconds. In fact, the top five teams all beat the previous record. That's how fast the field was running.

In the final 25, I admit that I was screaming at the television. All of the hype leading up to the match talked about how hard it would be for the American team to defeat the French. The commentators during the match continued to pound home the fact that America was the favorite for second, not first. However, the final 25 is the reason why you watch the race. Awesome. Congratulations to the entire team. Especially to Jason Lezak for his record 46.06 second split that clinched the come from behind victory for team USA.

In Other News: Scientist Closer to Invisibility Cloak


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