Ah, Football Season

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Last night, Erica and I rediscovered why it is so much fun to live in our apartment during the school year. As we sit right across from the football field at Trinity Christian Academy, there is a bit of noise during game nights. It wasn't too bad because we went on a little mindless shopping at the grocery store after yoga. We didn't get home until close to 10 PM, and the games normally only run until 10:30 PM or 11 PM. Nevertheless, the blackout curtains helped to make it a more pleasant evening by blocking out the light and some of the noise.

So what does one do while a football game is going on next door? We put on a few classic Doctor Who episodes that comprise the story line, The Genesis of the Daleks. We got the DVD on rental from Netflix verse our regular Doctor Who source which is our friend Harold. It's Erica's first experience with the older Doctor Who shows. I think that she took fairly well to it. We'll finish the last three episodes on Sunday or Monday.

The other big news of the weekend is the start of the football season. High school, college, and the NFL all start this weekend. It's a big time for football fans. I'm not a rabid fan of the NFL, but I do like the college game. Like most things that are on TV, I tend to follow the results more than I do the games themselves. Since most of the big game action takes place on Saturday afternoons, I miss a lot of the good games anyways. Therefore, I follow the action via ESPN and their news.


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