06 August 2008


Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, German Chocolate Cake, Toffee Coffee, Peanut Butter, Angel Food Cake.

Parfait Day! All parfaits are on sale today for $2.99 (regularly $3.99). Ask us for the special and save 25% off of one of our most popular low calorie desserts.

Yesterday, we got in a massive shipment of the Baja Bob drink mixes. We now have every variety on hand. (We got in lots of the Original flavor.)

We tried a different type of trivia last night at Buffalo Wild Wings in Plano. The trivia, run by National Trivia Network, is called Buzztime. Each of us competed as individuals with an electronic device that records the answers that are imputed and instantly shows the results on the screen. It's fun to see your name pop up on the screens when you're winning.

The nice thing about the trivia is that, while you are competing against everyone else at the location, the location as a whole is competing against the other locations that are participating. There are a few downsides to this type of trivia. The first is that it is very fast paced with few breaks. This makes it hard to eat. The second is that it is continual. There is no set start and stop to it which means that it is hard to pull away from. However, it would be a perfect form of trivia to play from your home if you could have a pause button between rounds.

Quiz Day: Do You Live in the Past, Present, or Future?

You Live in the Present

You take things one day at a time.
And it turns out, that's a pretty great way to live.

You aren't consumed by the past, and you're aren't obsessed with the future.
You live in the now, and you enjoy each moment.

While most people don't live in the present enough, make sure you don't live in it too much.
It would be a mistake to forget your past or neglect to plan for the future.

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Traivor said...

I live in the present.

sealegs said...

Present as well

SerenitySprings said...

The reason this type of trivia is so awesome, though, is that it plays the entire time the restaurants are open. From open to close. And each day of the week has different games. The group of people I play with just happen to like the Tuesday night games. So it's fine to sit out a round or two in order to eat.