Age Limit?

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The FIG and the IOC is facing an Olympic size task in their inquiry into the age of He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Li Shanshan, Deng Linlin and Yang Yilin. He, who is the at the center of the controversy, is suspected to be 14. It has widely been reported that the Chinese team might feature several underage gymnasts. If the real age is 14, then the Chinese team would have to forfeit their team gold and the gymnasts would loose any individual medals.

I'm not really sure that the IOC is brave enough to not sweep this one under the rug at the games if something is found. It's pretty hard to pull an an athlete out from the home team. It's even harder when it's a whole team. The amazing part of this story is how much has information has apparently been found on Internet databases that the Chinese government did not sufficiently sweep clean.


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