Olympic Glory

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Mocha Fudge, Pecan Praline, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Egg Nog (The last two are changing by late afternoon.)

Cone Day! All yogurt cones are only $2.08 today when you ask for the special (regularly $2.77).

Over the last year, we have been doing as much as we can to reduce our waste at the store. We have switched to recycling or reusing the cardboard boxes that we get into our store. We've recycled or reused close to half a ton so far this year. We also have made an effort to recycle the cans and bottles that are used by the staff during the day.

Now, we're letting you help. Our monthly calendar that was previously available at the check-out counter and on our blog will now be available exclusively on our blog at the beginning of each month. We will keep a copy on the counter so that you may always check it when you come in to the store, but if you are looking to plan out your month ahead of time, give the blog a check. You can also scroll down on the left hand side and find the first week of the month in the archives to locate the calendar for the month.

I got home in time to watch more of the Michael Phelps show last night. There were also some other amazing races by the American swim team to boot. Natalie Coughlin and Aaron Peirsol (both in 100 back) took home gold medals. Natalie became the first woman to ever successfully defend here Olympic title. As the Olympic coverage often does, it switched back and forth between two events. Swimming traded places with the men's gymnastics coverage. I was already sucked into the latter by the time the swimming coverage was finished.

Team USA, which had suffered so many injuries leading up to the Olympics and had zero former Olympians on the team, was in the midst of doing something special. It looked like they would take a silver home on a gutsy combination of heart and talent. In the end, they took the bronze after a few mistakes let the Japanese team pull ahead and put them within striking range of Germany. This made the last few pommel horse routines by the German team much more interesting.

Nevertheless, a team that no one considered a medal contender came out and gave it their all. When the final scores where announced, you could tell from the roar of the home crowd that China had taken the gold, but you could see from the reaction of team USA how much the bronze meant to them. Congratulations on an great performance by the team as a whole. A special nod to Jonathan Horton who seemed to keep everyone together and focused and cheered on. Also, a shout out to Sasha Artemev and his very clutch performance on the pommel horse that secured the bronze for Team USA.


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