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Green Tip: Families share the need to get kids to and from school. Now's a good time to work out a fuel-saving car-pool plan with other parents in your neighborhood. Besides saving gas and greenhouse emissions, carpooling reduces the wear on cars and helps them last longer. [This tip brought to you by Page-a-Day calendar.]

Senator Obama finished out the convention last night with his acceptance speech. While I was not completely wowed by the speech itself, the spectical of 70,000 plus people filling Mile High Stadium was quite neat to see. I did think that the speech was an interesting departure in some ways from previous acceptance speeches put forward by the Democratic candidates. It will be interesting to see how Senator McCain responds in his acceptance speech.

My wife, who doesn't like the tic-for-tat of the political cycle, was kind enough to stay up and watch with me. She was even kinder to listen to me share my opinion about the speech afterward.

In an effort to stem any rise in fortune to the Obama campaign that might result from the finish of the Democratic Party Convention, Senator McCain released his pick for the Vice-President today. As expected, the choice was a bit unconventional. He has chosen Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. McCain's choice makes a little history of its own by marking the first time that a female has ever been chosen as a Vice-Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. It is also the first time that an Alaskan has been nominated on a presidential ticket for either party.

Happy Birthday Wishes to John Sidney McCain III. The presumptive nominee of the Republican Party turns 72 today. Senator McCain has served 22 years in the Senate and 4 years in the House. He was also in the Navy for 23 years where he served as a Naval Aviator. Next week, he should accept his party's nomination for President of the United States of America.


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