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Phelps looked human last night for most of the 100-meter butter fly, but he put in a superhuman effort to win. He touched ahead of Cavic of Serbia by 0.01 seconds. That's as close as it gets. It's possible that Phelps is starting to get a little tired. Or, it's possible that other swimmers such as Cavic are starting to get a little tired of Phelps winning. However, it didn't matter when the scoreboard flashed. Phelps had won his seventh gold and tied Mark Spitz's record. With one more race and win, Michael Phelps will be the only Olympian to win 8 gold medals in one Olympic games cycle.

In other Olympic news, Usain Bolt of Jamaica destroyed the previous 100-meter dash record on his way to gold. I should say that he would have destroyed it. While he lowered the mark to 9.69 from 9.72, he would have had an even lower mark if he had not started celebrating before he crossed the finish line. Put me under the school of thought that says you should finish and the celebrate. He might have shaved even more of the record if he had kept his form.

Phelps in the top lane just out touches Cavic for the gold. Talk about a photo finish. What an amazing race!

While Usain Bolt's actions at the end of the race would be more of a poor decision rather than poor sportsmanship, Ara Abrahamian, a wrestler from Sweden, learned that poor sportsmanship can be costly. The IOC stripped him of his bronze medal today. After winning the bronze medal match, Mr. Abrahamian decided to show his displeasure at a disputed call from a previous match by taking his bronze medal off his neck, tossing it onto the mat and then walking off the mat. He later refused to participate in the medal ceremony. Bad call.


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