02 August 2008


Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, French Vanilla, Chocolate Malt, Peanut Butter, Pina Colada.

Sierra deLite bars are on sale today! Come in an get one of these ever so tasty trail mix bars for only $3.25 when you ask us for the sale price (regularly $4.50). If you already know how good they are, then stock up by purchasing multiples. They keep great on your counter for up to 5 weeks and they are perfect in the freezer for several months.

I'm not quite sure how long it has been since I've done yoga, but I know that it has been at least 16 months. Last night, Erica and I went to class. It was her first session. She said that she enjoyed it. Of course, she starts with a more flexible body than mine. While I enjoyed it, the time off translated to a return to my pain days. Thankfully, I've continued to do some of the positions in the off months, but most of the ones dealing with the legs just went to show how much I needed to continue the yoga.

Here is Yoga Bush displaying one of the positions that I find the most painful.

Our other big accomplishment this week was not as laudable as starting a new exercise routine. We did, however, manage to finish off the last season of Arrested Development. It's hard to say whether the show got weirder and a little worse because they new they were getting canceled or if they were heading in that direction to begin with. It finished with a strong episode, but the three leading up to it were less than steller.

The season as a whole was bellow the quality of the other two. Indeed, the first season was the superior to the other two. As they pushed the envelope, the show started to loose some of its charm. Nevertheless, the three seasons together make for one of the funny shows to have aired on Network television.

On the blog front:

The eBay link and Apparel link have been removed from the Virtual Sugarless D links. The apparel store has been close and the eBay products have been moved to sugarlessdelite.com.

The CNN link has been moved from Boredom Busters to Enlightening Locations.

A link to Jango, the music site that was blogged about last week, has been put under Boredom Busters.

As the November election approaches and the rhetoric on both sides begins to heat up, I have added a link to FactCheck.org under Enlightening locations to help everyone sort out the facts from the fictions that are presented by all of the parties.

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