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The Olympics, which started on 08-08-08, ended with 8 gold medals for USA swimmer Michael Phelps this weekend. His dominating performances along with amazing finishes in two races produced a new level of champion. Congratulations to his teammates in the relays who all performed at their top levels to secure three gold medals. Congratulations to Mr. Phelps for his unbelievable determination. (In case you missed it, here is a link to video for all 8 races.)

Now that the Michael Phelps show is finished, we can see that there are actually other Olympians on team USA. Two of them with a lot of focus on their performances are Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. Both are putting on wonderful shows at the Olympics, but both came up short yesterday. Albeit, the shortfall was not of their on doing. Ms. Liukin took silver in the uneven parallel bars because a the new scoring system that does not allow for ties. Ms. Johnson took silver in the floor exercise with a routine that probably would have won her gold if she had gone later in the rotation instead of first.

I've watched gymnastics for a long time now. I've got to say that I am not a big fan of the new scoring system. It does take away from the sport to not have the "Perfect 10" performance. While I do understand some of the changes, I don't like the fact that everything has to go to a tie breaker. I'm not sure why a sport that tries to pride itself on artistry has to have an absolute winner when two are initially deemed worthy.

Nevertheless, both of these young ladies have carried themselves very well despite the hardships and some slight disappointments. I've got to say that I heart Shawn Johnson because of her unending smile and cheer that she has not only during her performances, but also the performances of her teammates and competitors. Even as the gold was taken from her by the last person to go last night, she cheered her on. To a large degree, this shows more Olympic spirit than any gold medal.


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