Why an Easter Bunny?

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a wonderful day with an Easter morning breakfast and an early morning church service followed by dinner with the family in Arlington. The remainder of the day was spent as a lazy day with a nap and a dinner consisting of homemade pizza sub wraps. While it started early, it was actually quite relaxing.

One of the great things about first holidays in a new family is the chance to start new traditions. While we both carried over the tradition of an Easter card and a little gift (she got me the Lego Star Wars video game), we started a new one with the reading of Psalm 22. I figure that you don't have to have children to start a tradition and that often the best time to do so is before you have children so that the tradition is firmly planted.

As to the breakfast, we had a hand made jalapeƱo turkey sausage, the Dixie Diner low carb biscuits and scrambled eggs. The sausage was the clear cut winner because it was just so darn good; however, the biscuits were very good as well. This is the second item that we have tried at home from Dixie Diner and we have been very impressed with the line thus far. If you’re looking for a good low carb biscuit mix, we've got one for you here at Sugarless deLite.

In continuation of the Monday series, Common Misconceptions about Workouts and Common Sense Responses to Them:

Advice: Lifting weight is good for muscle strength and strong bones, but not for the heart.

Fact: There are many benefits to strength training, including healthy joints, a sense of well being, increased muscle mass, and increased bone density. Make sure you have a good diet with adequate protein (for muscles), and enough calcium and vitamin D (for bones). Strength training cannot replace aerobic exercise. Combine both for the best cardiovascular benefits.-By Madelyn Fernstrom, Ph.D., CNS

Also, someone asked a while ago why there is a tradition of an Easter bunny. If you are curious as well, follow the white rabbit.

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