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Once again, I put little into the first week of the season other than the joy of watching Baseball Tonight here and there and catching a few bits of a couple of games. Nevertheless, baseball season is here and it is time take my shot at calling the division winners. My fearless prediction for the 2007 division winners:

NL East: Braves
NL Central: Cardinals
NL West: San Diego
Wild Card: Mets

AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Minnesota
AL West: Angels
Wildcard: Cleveland

The Braves appear to be rebuilt for another run, and I never count my Cardinals out. The Yankees will have a hard time of it again, but I think that they will win their division again. The bigger question might be what they can do in the playoffs. This early in the season I still have a measure of hope left for the Rangers, but I'll take the money and experience in Anaheim.

This year finds us in a familiar spot with the AL East and AL Central in position as the two toughest divisions in baseball and therefore the hardest to call. The NL East is right behind them with three teams having a shot at the division and the wildcard likely to come from it as well. Furthermore, the west will be wild again in each league and the NL Central is going to be one of the best races in baseball with 4 or 5 teams having a shot at the division. The outcome in these divisions could be anyone's guess. These are my picks and I'm sticking to them at least until the All-Star break.

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