Cool Days Again

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Cappuccino, Chocolate Raspberry, Very Berry and Pina Colada.

Yogurt Special: Buy 1 Yogurt, Get 1 Free from 6 PM to 8 PM (excludes XL, limit one).

Tomorrow, all Yogurt Club members can get a 49 cent small yogurt when you pay with your yogurt club card (limit one per card). If you’re not a member of the Yogurt Club, ask us how to join and start saving 15% or more on all of your yogurt purchases.

I'm not 100% sure that global warming is going to be the end all of destruction that some predict; however, I do know that it is certainly producing some interesting weather patterns in the meantime. Texas weather is always a little different. The last few weekends have added a new meaning to that word. Last nights storm produced little more than heavy rain at the store, but I heard that other areas got some good sized hail stones.

Speaking of global warming, Texas, according to a new study, lead the way in carbon dioxide emission increases over the last 15 years. Everything is bigger in Texas. The most interesting thing that I found in the report was the fact that there are actually a couple of states that have decreased their carbon emissions.

Saturday Distraction: I'm taking a different direction for today's distraction. There is talk about scrapping the current version of the internet and starting over. Here is an article describing the possible move. Let us know what your thoughts about the possibility of a new system.


SerenitySprings said…
I think it sounds really interesting. I wouldn't want any interruptions in the current system, I would want constitutionally guarantees that my privacy would be respected and protected, and I wouldn't want any current or future acts (like the Patriot Act) to have an affect on anyone's life. In other words, no government involvement in regulating, overseeing, or policing the internet.

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