A Day in the Life

Most people who read this blog probably believe that my week consists of trivia, reading, sports and work. They would be partially correct. I've got a fairly set schedule of events because my friends thankfully keep me busy. When I'm resting at home, I try to use my time wisely and do some reading. I try to avoid the TV trap by watching only a few shows.

One of the shows that I watch is Sports Center. During this time of year when the baseball season is at the high point of its pennant and wild card races and the football season is just beginning, I cannot stand sports center on the weekends. Let me just say that I love college football and I like the NFL. Nevertheless, you never get more than a few minutes of baseball coverage in each show when there are football games that have been played. It drives me crazy to have to sit through 45 minutes of football for 5 minutes of incomplete baseball coverage. I guess everyone has there burdens.

Trivia update: We finished in the middle of the pack last night. We doubled the size of the team and that seemed to help. We didn't win a thing, but we didn't get crushed either. I have heard rumors that we may get two additional people on the team next week that may actually put us in contention for a top three finish.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Coffee Royal, Grasshopper, Juicy Raspberry and New York Cheesecake.

Apparently, I got the days mixed up yesterday. Today is Shake Day: All shakes are $3.69 (regularly $4.62). We will also honor yesterday's special. If you are a teacher or school employee, then show us your badge and get a small yogurt for 99 cents all day long (limit one per person).

Wacky Photo Wednesday:

So Tired!


UnrulyDuckling said…
Where do you get all the great cute photos? It's almost a hobby of mine to look at cute things on the internet, so I'd love to know new sites to check out.
Steph said…
Awwwww!!!!! What a cute kitty! This picture made my day!
If it makes anyone's day, then it makes our day.

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