Playoff Time!

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Now, it is playoff time. The White Sox made it in after a great game against the Twins last night. They will move on to Tampa to face the Rays, a team that recorded the first winning record in franchise history this year along with their first trip to the playoffs. Of course, the start of the playoffs means that it is time to review the picks that Rick and I made at the start and half-way point of the season. The first number is the actual number of correct picks for the divisions and wild card. The number in parentheses is the number of correct teams in the playoffs regardless of division/wild card position.

Start of the Season Picks Correct:

Rick- NL- 1 (2), AL-1 (2)
Brad- NL- 2 (3), AL-1 (2)

Half-way Picks Correct:

Rick: NL-1 (2), AL-2 (3)
Brad: NL-4 (4), AL-2 (3)

The other thing that we like to do at the end of the regular season is give our picks for the divisional playoffs. I'll post mine today and Rick's tomorrow. We'll use the number of games as a tie breaker.

National League Divisional Series:

Cubs vs. Dodgers: Cubs in 4
Phillies vs. Brewers: Phillies in 5

American League Divisional Series:

Rays vs. White Sox: Rays in 5
Angels vs. Red Soxs: Angels in 4

I think that it is going to be another great year for playoff baseball. The combination of the Cubs and Dodgers in the first round along with the Rays turn from worst to first give a couple of great story lines to follow. Both the Cubs and the Rays would make a fantastic World Series, but if just one of those two teams gets in, the their will still be a lot of interest. Personally, I think the Cubs have the best shot since the Rays would have to make it through either the Angels or the Red Sox. And if the Cubs won it all? I guess one World Series ever hundred years isn't to shabby.

Quiz Day: What State Should You Live In?

You Should Live in New Hampshire

If you don't want to live in New Hampshire, you might also consider:

South Carolina
West Virginia


Traivor said…
You Should Live in Vermont

If you don't want to live in Vermont, you might also consider:

New Hampshire
sealegs said…
You Should Live in Vermont

If you don't want to live in Vermont, you might also consider:


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