22 October 2008

World Series Time

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This is what baseball fans live for throughout the year, but I have a feeling that, sadly, most of them won't be watching. The Rays and the Phillies match up tonight in Florida for game one of what just might be one of the lowest rated World Series matches of all time. This is most unfortunate.

I have to say that I personally find this match-up most intriguing. Two teams that weren't supposed to make it did, and they did so convincingly. The luster might be gone without the perennial powers (Yankees or Boston) or the old time favorites (Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers), but the chance to see the worst team in baseball over the last 100 years, the Phillies, and the worst team in baseball since they came into the league a decade ago, the Rays, has a certain appeal to me. Personally, I'm rooting for the young guys in Florida.

I do hope that this is a good 6 or 7 game series. The four and five game matches don't mean as much. As a fan of the sport, you want to see a slug fest. That's part of the reason why the ALCS has been so great over the last five or so years for the most part. However, the World Series has not been. Even when my Cardinals won it back in 2006, it only went to 5 games in what should have been a 6 or 7 game series. (Jayson Stark of ESPN has a great article about this today.) My personal prediction, mixed in with wishful thinking, has the Rays winning it in 6.

Quiz Day: Should You Be Allowed to Vote?

You Should Be Allowed to Vote

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Also, India successfully launched their first mission to the moon today. Come in and tell us the answer to this question for a free small yogurt today: How many nations or agencies have had successful, man or unmanned, lunar missions. (Hint: The answer excludes today's mission since it has yet to arrive in lunar orbit.)

Finally, it turns out that the alternate jurors were not need yesterday. Good for me as far as yesterday is concerned. Bad for me as far as the future. I'm still in the pool.

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