13 October 2008

Back from San Antonio

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Mocha, Butter Brickle, Lemon, and Juicy Raspberry.

Sierra deLite Day! Get our wonderful Sierra deLite bars for only $3.25 today (regularly $4.50). Limited to quantity on hand.

We got in a shipment from Fior difrutta and Al Dente Carbo-Nada pasta today. We are restocked on all varieties of pasta.

It ended up be a very busy weekend with all the driving, but it was a wonderful wedding. The outdoor service up against the Riverwalk provided a great setting with the exception of the brief intrusion of the helicopters during the exchange of the vows. The reception featured a fantastic dinner spread and a lot of funny dancing complements of the groom's men.

I guess the most important thing about the weekend is that the wedding went well, but coming in a close second would have to be the Texas victory over Oklahoma. In a rare turn of events, I actually got to watch most of the game. Unfortunately, I did have to miss the fourth quarter. Of course, the game was one of the hot topics at the wedding.

Outside of the football world, the baseball postseason got a little more interesting as well. With the Rays winning the marathon game 2 and the Dodgers picking up a win in game three, both series seem like they might have some life to them. I'm looking forward to getting to catch a little bit more of the NLCS this week. I just wish that they would play the ALCS on broadcast television.

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