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Ah the To Be Read list, long set aside but never forgotten. After a few months of time set aside for other endeavors, I returned to the long neglected list and picked up Ilium last week. It took a little bit of time to get into the book which is written as "literary science fiction", a different breed than my normal science fiction read. However, last night proved to be a turning point where I found myself engrossed in the novel.

Plowing through the last 240 pages of the novel, I found myself interested in seeing how this odd collection of characters and literary works all came together. Unfortunately, the novel is only the first in a two part series. So, I find myself with almost 700 more pages to complete to finish this tell. Of course, my friend who loaned me the first book was kind enough to loan me the second one as well. Alas, this might set me back a little with my other books on the TBR list which currently sits at three down and nine to go. It looks like I will have to have a very busy three months of reading to get this list finished.

Enough about books and educated writers, the baseball post season rolls on with all of the teams now set for the League Championship Series. I'll finally be able to watch some of the games on TV now. Here are the match-ups with our picks to the side:

National League Championship Series:

Phillies vs. Dodgers (Brad: Dodgers in 6, Rick: Phillies in 6)

American League Championship Series:

Rays vs. Red Sox (Brad: Rays in 7, Rick: Red Sox in 5)


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