Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Roasted Almond, Boysenberry, and Vanilla Malt.

Brownie Special: Come in today and get our brownies 2 for 5 dollars (regularly $3.49 each). The offer is extended to any item in the bakery case that has a regular price of $3.49. Limit 4 total items.

Don't forget that early voting starts today! Here are a list of links for the four counties that constitute most of the Metroplex. Each link will give you a list of voting locations for that county. You should also be able to find answers to any questions about voting in the county in which you live. (Voting early might be a very good idea this year. Turn out is expected to be extremely high.)

Dallas County

Collin County

Denton County

Tarrant County (PDF)

As always, don't vote uninformed: League of Women Voters Guide (PDF)

This post marks the 800 blog for Sugarless deLite. Of these, I am pretty sure I am guilty of writing around 775 or more. It's been a fun exercise, but, as I've noted before, it has made my other blog suffer considerably. One day I might show it more love. Until then, I'll just keep pounding them out for the old Sugarless D.

800 finds us awaking to a day where the Tampa Bay Rays have clinched the AL Pennant. I'm particularly proud of this young team. Not only did they have a fantastic season to finish atop the toughest division in baseball, but they also went into a slug fest with the mighty Boston Red Sox to win the Pennant in 7 games. Showing a cool and calm beyond their years, the Rays went out and beat the much more experienced team when no one would have blamed them for folding. Take that Red Sox Nation!

The other sports news that broke yesterday was the first BCS rankings. It wasn't surprising to see Texas at the number one slot after they demolished Mizzou in their prime time game on Saturday night. Nevertheless, the first ranking never maters. It is the last ranking where you need to be number one. Texas has perhaps the hardest schedule remaining with games against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State University who are both in the top 10.

After years of having to hear that the SEC is so much better than the Big 12 because it was true, I don't have to suffer that argument anymore. The Big 12 has shown itself to be just as good as the SEC this year. The Big 12 South is particularly strong and holds for of the top 10 teams in the nation. While a lot can change as these teams play each other over the rest of the year, I think even the hard core SEC fan has to pay some respect to what the Big 12 is doing this year.

In other football (soccer) news, FC Dallas was eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday with a loss to Real Salt Lake. The Hoops played with only 10 on the field for the last 60 minutes of the game thanks to Marcelo Saragosa collecting his second yellow card in the 30 minute. While they tried to put up a valiant fight, FC Dallas was over come by the relentless attack on their goal by RSL. On the up side, we were able to collect a free T-shirt from FC Dallas at the official watching party. I came for the win and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. Oh well!

P.S. If you took the time to read all of this entry, you're a champ. It kind of got away from me and ended up a bit on the lengthy side. Hopefully, you will at least find the voting information useful.


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