Manic Monday

This coming weekend I'll move into my new place which means I have some things to take care of in the next few days like electricity, change of address, internet, getting a few fraternity brothers to help with their trucks, et cetera. It's gonna be a busy week. Thankfully, I am already packed and ready to go with the exception of a few loads of laundry. I think that the move is just what the doctor ordered. Although it may be a little sad living alone, I'll be much closer to my friends.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Cappuccino, Very Berry and Lemon.

You've got one more week to enjoy the Pies of the Month (Blueberry and Peach) at $14.99 (regularly $19.99). Our August calendar will be available by Friday.

The Owner's Corner: This is Rick Merlin coming to you from Austin, Texas. This weekend we've taken a short trip to Austin to prepare my daughter for her next semester at school. As we were preparing for the trip, it dawned on me that I often here some of our customers complain about there problems with weight loss and vacation. I think that I might be able to help. Vacations do not have to be fattening. I have traveled to Las Vegas and other locations several times over the last 18 months and have been able to stay at my current or lose additional weight on each of these vacations. I have eaten shrimp, crab, prime rib, chicken, fruit, salads, Bar-BQ and a lot of other great foods.

Tip of the Week: Generally, I suggest staying away from simple carbohydrates such as bread, sugar, pasta, mixed drinks and desserts. Additionally, remember to watch your fat intake. These simple steps, when followed, will not radically cut out what you can have so you will still be able to go out and enjoy your meals.

For vacations, we all tend to eat a little more than we normally would. You can counter this by doing a little bit of extra walking. This doesn't mean that you need to build in a whole exercise routine into your vacation, but you can walk the few blocks to the next location instead of taking a cab or swim a little at the hotel pool. The added exercise will help to counter those extra calories.


Sharrrrron said…
Sad-schmad. Living alone rocks! I do have the menagerie of critters so I'm not technically "alone." You'll get used to it quickly; I did.
Anonymous said…
where's Los Vegas? ;)

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