14 July 2006

100 Degrees and Counting

Sometimes I think that I should take the approach of the ostrich when it comes to weather in Texas during the summer months and just bury my head in the sand. There is something that is just so depressing about watching the weather and seeing 100 degrees plus run across the screen for seven straight days. Fortunately, I work in a nice cool store with excellent frozen yogurt that helps to cut the heat.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Peanut Butter, French Vanilla, Strawberry Shortcake and Pina Colada.

Today's special is a 50 % Off Sale on all items on the sale rack (located at the center of the store). Come in and get some super savings today only.

Fun Fact Friday: Tonya Harding was the first American ice skater to successfully land a triple axel in competition. In 1991, at the age of 21, Harding won her first National title, landing a triple axel in both her short and long programs, scoring perfect 6.0s for technical merit-a feat that has never been duplicated. But Harding's titles were stripped from her in 1994 after she pleaded guilty to hindering the investigation of an attack on Nancy Kerrigan, her skating rival. With Tonya's knowledge, her husband, Jeff Gillooly, and two others had "knee-capped" Kerrigan with a retractable baton. Whhyyyyy, Whhyyyyy, Whhyyy? (This fact brought to you by Fact or Crap calendar.)

Happy Birthday Wishes to Robin Mark Ventura. I don't like Robin Ventura, but I have to celebrate his birthday because he provided one of my greatest baseball memories. Mr. Ventura was the third baseman for the Chicago White Sox who decided to take exception to being hit by a curveball by a Texas Ranger pitcher in 1993. The pitcher was Nolan Ryan and the charge to the mound and the ensuing beat down placed on Ventura is the stuff of legend. So Mr. Ventura, thank you for not keeping your cool, charging the mound, getting put in a headlock and having seven successive punches landed on your face by a man almost twice your age, much of Texas enjoyed your folly. Want a free mini (4 oz) yogurt? (Limit one per person.) Name the last team for which Robin Ventura played.

Bad idea Robin.

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