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A few years ago, I made a brief foray into social networking. Call me old fashioned, but it just wasn't that much fun. I prefer to actually see my friends. While it was nice to come into contact with some old friends, the fact that I had not seen a lot of them for over 10 years meant that primarily catch up emails were sent back and forth.

I don't actually do that much on the web as far as random surfing goes, but the other day I was reading a Radiohead news sit and come across a site that I was unfamiliar with called Jango. It does have aspects of a social network which I have ignored to focus on the more import function of streaming radio.

In essence, you go in and create a radio station. I'm not really familiar with Last FM or other sites. The neat thing about this one is that it plays your artists randomly. Additionally, it occasionally plays other artists that are not on your play list so that you get introduced to new music. It's a neat way to find new music.

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