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I spent last night at the Cheap Trick/Heart/Journey concert. The most interesting thing about the concert was the number of younger people in the crowd. Well over 40% of the crowd seemed to be under the age of 40 with a lot of early 20's thrown into the mix. The bands came on stage and played their hit songs. As it goes with most of older bands, the new songs met with a lukewarm acceptance and their big numbers had the crowds singing right along.

The old bands from the 70's and 80's often seem to lack the drive of bands on the rise. There are exceptions. Aerosmith comes to mind. But, many of them seem to suffer. That doesn't mean that they make for a bad show. By the time you throw in a good size group of friends, the shows can be pretty good. You might not leave thinking that they rocked, but it's usually worth seeing.

The new lead singer Arnel Pineda did have an amazing voice. He sounded very similar to Steve Perry. I think that over the next year his stage presence should grow and the band should become more comfortable with each other. Nevertheless, they've got the sound down.


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