10 July 2008

NEW PRICES=More Savings

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Cappuccino, and Peach.

50% off sale rack items today. Come in and get some bonus savings on all of the items on the sale rack, the lowest shelves on the back of the white rack. If you don't know where the sale items are, just ask us.

NEW PRICES: Starting today, we have new price specials on all of our 1 point Alternative bagels, pitas, and English Muffins from Western Bagel. When you buy more than one bag, the price will drop from $4.79 to $3.99 each. (Please note: The Perfect 10 price will drop from $4.99 to $4.49)


Buy one bag of Bagels-Pay $4.79
Buy 4 bags of 1 point Bagels-Pay $3.99 each for a total of $15.96
Buy 2 bags of 1 point Bagels, 2 Perfect 10, 1 pita-Pay $20.95

Also, we have a new price special on all Walden Farms products. When you buy more than one Walden Farms product, the price will drop from $4.99 to $4.29.


Buy one bottle-Pay $4.99
Buy five bottles-Pay $21.45

I've got a busy day ahead of me making new signs for the lower prices in the store. Hopefully, it will be pretty straight forward for everyone. You'll save more when you purchase more than one of any Walden Farms products or any of the bagles, pitas, or English Muffins. There's nothing like saving a little money and it doesn't take much to do it.

Thursday Comic: (click to enlarge)

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