Getting Wet?

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It was a bit odd walking out of my front door this morning only to feel raindrops on my face. Granted we are long over due for rain. There is a 40% chance throughout the day, but I don't think that it will translate to much cooler weather. The high should still top out at 98 degrees. Nevertheless, I'm hoping that we get a good rain shower or two during the day. It would be nice to see more than just a sprinkling.

Quiz Day: Are You a Narcissist?

You Are Occasionally a Narcissist

While you have healthy self esteem, you're really not that full of yourself.
Compared to most people, you're quite humble!

Though occasionally, you can't help and reflect on how great you are.
There's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself - as long as you don't let it go to your head!


Traivor said…
I am also an occasional narcissist.
sealegs said…
SerenitySprings said…
Me three. I don't think we're narcissists so much as confident. So there, Quiz!

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