Old 97's

Tonight is a concert night. I always get excited when I know that I am going to go to a show later in the day. I am a music person. I love to sit back and listen to music and I love to sing along with it. The band tonight is perfect for both. The Old 97's are an alt-country band that originates from Dallas and have had moderate success nationwide. Hands down, they are one of the best live shows that you can ever see. It's my seventh time to see them, but the first in three years. I've got a great show on the horizon, there is a cold front in the air, and I've got good friends to share it all with, who could ask for more?

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Pumpkin, Very Berry and Banana. Today is Teacher Day. If you are a teacher, bring your ID in and get a small yogurt for 99 cents. Spread the word.

The bagels have arrived! We currently have a full stock of all bagels (Blueberry, Cinnamon, Onion, Sweet Wheat, White and the Perfect 10), English Muffins and pita bread. Come in and get these great Weight Watchers® friendly items today.

The winner for last week's poll of the best city in Texas was...Austin. No surprise there folks. This week, I am replacing the poll with an open comments section. List your top three to five concerts that you have attended. Here are mine:

Radiohead at the Woodlands-Kid A/Amnesiac Tour (Otherworldly)
Local H and Fuel at Deep Ellum Live-1999 Sunburn Tour (Awesome Jam Session)
The Hangdogs and Old 97's at the Gypsy Tea Room-1999 Fight Songs Tour (Backstage)
Depeche Mode at Reunion Arena-1998 Singles Tour (Greatest Seats Evar!)
Metallica at Will Rogers Collesium-1997 Load Tour (I'm in the video from this show.)

Thursday Motivator:

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
-Henry Adams (1838-1918) Writer and historian

A close runner up to my favorite concert list would have to be Rage Against the Machine (1996 in Ft. Worth). Let us know what your favorites are by leaving a comment. If anyone can put the Beatles, I'll be jealous. I hope that everyone enjoys a great weather day. Rain is on the way.


Anonymous said…
The three times I've seen Jewel would all be high points!
Also, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins was pretty awesome also..
And we musn't forget my first concert... The Beach Boys, and I will see Garth Brooks before I die.
sealegs said…
Skinny Puppy - 8/2001 - Dresden, Germany
Depeche Mode - Late '90s - Reunion Arena
The Cure - Late '90s - Bronco Bowl
Reverend Horton Heat - Last week or so - Granada Theatre
VNV Nation - Early 2000s - Lizard Lounge

Have seen Tori Amos about 5-6 times and she is mesmerizing each and every time

Some would say the Portishead show at the Bronco Bowl, late 90s, but I fell asleep.

Hoping to add to this list with Covenant in a couple of weeks. I've seen them twice before but under unfortunate circumstances.

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