Fair Day

After 18 years of having people look at me like I was an alien with a third arm growing out of my head when I said that I have never been to the State Fair of Texas, I went to the fair yesterday. Save for the wonderful company, there was nothing really special about it. I know that saying this might revoke my Texas citizenship, but the fair was just a fair. I think that it just couldn't live up to the hype of 18 years. Also, I believe that many people first go to the fair when they are young and have a built in nostalgia that I did not bring into this experience.

I had a corny dog and walked the boulevard. I had the greatest companion to talk to and walk with. The weather was nice if not a bit warm. After three hours, I had enough of the fair. It was a great day and a fun thing to experience; however, I don't see myself getting really jazzed up about the fair coming into town. Thank you to my best friend for sharing my first fair with me. Maybe now I will get less strange looks.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butterscotch, Roasted Almond, Angel Food Cake and Orange Vanilla.

The Owner's Corner Tip of the Week:

I talk to many customers over the course of the day at Sugarless deLite. Much of the conversation recently has been about the upcoming holiday season which begins with Thanksgiving in less than six weeks. There are those who decide to loss the battle of the bulge during the holiday season by giving up on any attempts to eat healthy. The average weight gain during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's is almost 20 pounds.

I suggest that you not be a dieter but rather a healthy eater. Diets can be started and stopped too easily, while lifestyles become part of who you are. The key to the tough holiday season lies with smart choices such as our Weight Watcher® friendly pies (Chocolate Crème, Coconut Crème or Pumpkin Pie) or our low carb Pecan or Millennium pies.

Moreover, look forward to the turkey, great family, football and a dessert. Use Thanksgiving and Christmas days as a time to enjoy these things and be blessed with each others company. Remember to keep to your lifestyle during the remainder of the days so that at the start of the New Year, you will not find yourself with all of those extra pounds and the guilt that often accompany them. Enjoy a few more years of the precious gift of life by making eating a part of life and not the reason we live.


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