Happy Birthday!

One of the cooler things about writing the daily blog at Sugarless deLite is that I am given a great liberty to write what is one my mind or going on in my life. So today, I am going to take the chance to embarrass my mother by wishing her a Happy Birthday! The nice thing about this birthday is that she just happens to be in town from St. Louis which means that she will actually get her gift and card on time this year. (Yes, I know that I am a horrible son.) It will be fun to see her on her birthday. I think that it has been 10 years plus since that has happened.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Coffee Royal, Very Berry and Strawberry Shortcake. Today is Cone Day. All cones are only $1.85 all day long (regularly $2.72).

Wacky Photo Wednesday:

Birthdays were more fun when we were younger because you could make a mess of everything and people would say "Ahhh, how cute is that?".

I wonder how long it took to train the cat to do this?


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