Recovery Week

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Marshmallow, Pumpkin, Candy Cane, and Egg Nog.

Sierra deLite Bars: Come in today and ask for the special to get your Sierra deLite bars for only $3.25 (regularly $4.50). The offer extends to the Cran deLite bars too. If you have not tried the latter, your missing out on our single best bakery item in the opinion of over half of our staff.

Bonus Blogger Special: Come in today or tomorrow and ask for the bonus blogger special to get a Chocolate Creme pie or Coconut Creme pie for only $7.99. (While supplies last.)

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As is the case each year, this week is a week of catch up for us at the store. It's time to restock the shelves after a busy Thanksgiving rush and to finalize the Christmas preporations. It is a slower pace this week, so we'll have the time to get everything done. We've got orders in for Hallman's BBQ, Walden Farms, Chocolates, Candies, and Baja Bobs.

One item that we will unfortunately not have back in stock until next year is the Dark Cherry Cordials unless we can find an alternate source. The manufacture will not be able to make more until the start of the new year due to poor cherry quality. We are trying to find other options.

It was an exhaustive search, but Erica and I were able to find quality matching stocking holders. It was a fluke find at that. In the last moments of our shopping mission, we came across them. We're now set for the next decade. :)

Yesterday was not all good, however. The BCS rankings came out and doomed Texas to sitting out the Big 12 Championship game. For once, however, I'll leave the flawed BCS out of the equation. Out of the big six conferences, only the system in the Big 12 would have put Oklahoma in the championship game. All of the other ones would have put Texas in the game. It seems like the Big 12 never factored in having so many good teams at one time. The lack of foresight is troubling and costly if you are a Texas fan.

Of course, if Texas had been chosen under the same poor tiebreaker system, Oklahoma fans would have had a great argument. Both teams deserve to play but can't. Moreover, both teams deserve a better tiebreaker system. While Texas still has a shot at playing for the national title, it is an outside shot that depends on the Tigers defeating the Sooners in the championship game. I hope that the Big 12 fixes this obvious oversight in the off season.


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